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Dec 30, 2010

We Need to be Aware! Security Forces in Sulaimani Call for Awareness

According to some information given by a source to Student Eye blog, there are serious security threats in Sulaimani.

After the arrest of the terrorist group in Sulaimani, security forces call for ultimate awareness.

As the only Student Eye blog, we advise all the AUI-S students, faculty and staff to be aware these days. There might be some attempts to harm the security of the university.

If you saw any suspecious acts or people, call any of these numbers: 100, 104 or 106. It is everyone's responsibility to be as much aware as possible. The university administration is also asked to review the security measures applied on campus and the dorms.  

Due to security reasons no furthure information can be released for now.

We wish everyone a nice and safe holiday.

Dec 15, 2010

Winter Break Starts... How to Spend a Great Break?

The winter break starts tomorrow, December 16, 2010 at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani.

After 10 weeks of classes, finally the AUI-S faculty and students go to the winter break. The break will continue until January 9, 2010.

Dec 11, 2010

Dr. Denise Natali Leaves AUI-S

Dr. Denise Natali.
Photo: metimes.com

Dr. Denise Natali, the former Academic Dean of Students and the current head of the Research Centers of  the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani, leaves AUI-S.

According to a source, Dr. Denise Natali will be leading an American team inquiring some new documents found on Saddam and the past era.

Dec 6, 2010

Liberal Arts: The Present Future and the Absent Now

by Bahman Abdulrahman Hassan
We have been suggested to feel indebted. As after long years of fighting, AUI-S, a liberal university is founded on our land. I did ask, yet insisting on my questions.  Is it really a liberal university? Or what are the liberal arts institutions? In this region, all political, fiscal and educational methods borrowed from the developed countries were misinterpreted and ill-practiced.

Happy New Year


Dec 4, 2010

AUI--S Dorm Students Relieved: Rona Motel is Good and Manolya Hotel is Getting Better

by Mahdi Abdullah Murad

After the shocking reports of Stuednt Eye blog on the bad situation of AUI-S dorm students at Manolya Hotel, the AUI-S Administration, mainly Dr. James Harrigan, the Academic Dean of Students, decided to take action.

Dec 3, 2010

Evaluate Your Teacher: Dr. Hemin Omer Latif

Dr. Hemin Omer Latif
While we insist on expanding our evaluation page, we will continue with the IT Department instructors. In this, and Future posts we eagerly want to build a bridge between students and instructors and help the students to express their ideas about their instructors. Therefore, students are welcome to contribute their suggestions and inputs.

Dec 1, 2010

Dr. Owen Cargol: The People Who Governed AUI-S were Silly Boys not Responsible Men

Dr. Owen Cargol, the first chancellor of the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani. calls the AUI-S administration and some members of the Board of Trustees as "silly" and "irreposnbile".

In a special interview with Dr. Cargol, who left the university after 4 months of working as the AUI-S chancellor, he speaks about the details of his departure and the nature of his problems witht the AUI-S administration.

Nov 26, 2010

Fun With AUI-S (AUI-S Girls)

by Astios 


I don’t believe that there is anyone on the planet Earth, including the Pope in Vatican, who doesn’t believe that girls are half of the society, an important half. So if you say, “girls are half of this society,” most people with nod to it. However, you might not get so much consensus on what I am going to say: Girls are half of the society and have confused the other half.

Nov 23, 2010

Evaluate Your Teacher: Dr. Roger Geyer

Dear Student Eye Readers,

Beginning from today, we will be offering a free space in the blog in order for the American University of Iraq-Students evaluate their professors.

The evaluation can include the student's insights on the professors's academic ability, personality and other issues related.

Nov 22, 2010

That’s How I Saw Istanbul*

by Shalaw Fatah 
photos: Shalaw Fatah
In his memoir “A Journey” Tony Blair says, “I begin as one typeof leader; I end as another. That’s why I call it a journey”, if we generalize Blair’s argument (radical change in personality) on to every journey, 

I doubt calling my trip a journey, you should decide after reading, let’s just call it an ordinarytravel account. Besides, I’m not writing about Turkish political system, social structure or any big titles that you may find in books, butabout small things from everyday life that I noticed in some few days.

The Wild West: AUI-S Hires People Without Checking Their Pasts

The American University of Iraq-Sulaimani does a poor job checking the profiles of professors, staff and administrators applying for the university.

The first AUI-S Chancellor, Dr. Owen Cargol, had been dismissed from the Northern Arizona University due to sexual harassment allegations made by a male employee. 

Nov 21, 2010

Clothes Between AUI-S Laws and Cultural Identity

by Daner Rashid

Clothes are body languages. One of the definitions of human being is that human beings are clothed creatures. Humans express themselves in different languages among them clothes and it’s a part of the identity of 
the individuals. A policeman wearing short and t-shirt will no more be recognized as a policeman. 

Nov 14, 2010

The Great Eid Surprise: Student Eye Begins Its Radio Programs Soon

Student Eye announces a great surprise for its fans at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani and all over the world.

Student Eye will start presenting two radio shows at one of the local Radios in Sulaimani. The shows will be in English language.

The radio which will host the Student Eye programs, Margaret Radio, will start its activities next week. All the preparations are made for the Radio shows presented by the Student Eye team.

Margaret Radio is an independent radio based in Sulaimani established by the Margaret Institution for Teaching Foreign Languages and Computer

More Information in this regard will be available after the Eid.

Happy Eid to everyone! Enjoy your holiday!

Chaotic Classes at AUI-S Two Days Before the Eid... Some Professors Cancel Classes Voluntarily

Photo byMahdi A. Murad
Some of the AUI-S professors cancelled classes today and some others will cancel classes tomorrow.

After AUI-S administration's decision to have classes until the first day of Eid, some AUI-S professors have not abide by the directions. 

Today some professors cancelled classes, and some others are going to cancel classes tomorrow. The strange thing is that the professors have told their students not to tell that to anyone. 

Nov 13, 2010

Kurdistan Goes on Holiday, AUI-S Goes to Exams


While all the Muslim countries are preparing themselves for the coming Al Adha Eid, AUI-S students prepare for exams.

Kurdistan regional government published a statement announcing the beginning of the Eid holiday from tomorrow. But most of the AUI-S students are preparing themselves for exams in the coming two days.


AUI-S Academic Calendar: Final Exams on the Day IYLEP Students Go to America

Polla Kamal - Student Eye 

The American University of Iraq-Sulaimani encourages its students to participate in the Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program (IYELP) but its Academic Calendar prevents them from participation.

The 2011 cycle of application for IYLEP has begun. AUI-S students like the other Iraqi students are applying for the program with a great deal of enthusiasm.


Nov 12, 2010

Student Eye Reminder: Again, what happened to the AUI-S Advising program?

Nearly two week ago the Student Eye Blog published “Where did the Advising program go” yet, the program has not been announced formally.

Nov 10, 2010

Flash News: Dr. James Harrigan After a Visit to Manolya Dormitory: This is Unacceptable, I am Going to Fix It

Dr. James Harrigan speaking to the Manolya dormitory students 
Few moments ago, Dr. James Harrigan, the Academic Dean of Students, visited the Manolya dormitory.

After visiting every single room with his assistant Mr. Kyle, and seeing the miserable life of the students, he called for a meeting with the students.
Dr. James Harrigan was pissed of by the scenes he saw at the dorm.


Fun with AUI-S (What is Wrong with Boys?)

by Astios 

No boys!

·         Of course the Student Office didn’t have any plans for the dormitories, and the rector has joined the “We will not Pay a Penny” campaign and doesn’t want to give a single dollar, even Canadian, to the Student Affairs. But that is not the whole issue!
No body, and I mean it, is ready to rent his apartment to a bunch of boys.
This is usually what happens when a staff member from Student Affairs office goes to rent an apartment for the boys:


Nov 9, 2010

A regular day at AUI-S

by Bahman Abdulrahman

Well, I will try to avoid any confusion. Unlike, my writing “instructor”, I will try to differentiate between simple and simplicity. I adore him because he is philosophizing (this term in AUI-S means misleading and Stupidizing students) some times. He is the author of comments like “readers don’t care” and “do not study hard”.

Nov 8, 2010

American Website Reposts Student Eye's Interview with Dr. John Dolan

Student Eye, the first independent student blog at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani, attracts more and more attention everyday.

 The Exiled, website based in the United States of America, reposted an interview with Dr. John Dolan, a former AUI-S professor, conducted by Student Eye.


Nov 6, 2010

Fun with AUI-S (Party Special)

by Astios 

Quick notes from the party:

·       *  The majority of the AUI-S students were not at the party. there might have been a different party somewhere else. But they were not here.
·         The first hour of the dance was only for boys. I didn’t see any “ Only Gents” flyer on the floor

Nov 5, 2010

Manolya Dormitory, Photos Speak the Shameful Truth

by Mahdi Abdullah Murad - Student Eye 

The daily problems AUI-S students face at Manolya dormitory, is only a demonstration of the unplanned, unprepared and negligent policy making at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani. 
We tried not to show these images online, because there was still a hope to change the hurting scenes. But now, and after weeks of suffer and passion, We know no other way but this one to tell the story of a shame.In this report, I will not be saying very much. The pictures will speak for themselves. However, some of the pictures are more tragic than what they seem, so we have said a few words about them. We hope these images will move the administration a little bit towards an evaluation of the student life at the dorms. 

This is bathroom and restroom. When you are here, you should know that there are five other people waiting for the same opportunity out there. So, you really don't get what you want. What you do is your rush with everything. Sometimes, you are taking a shower and your friend is shortened. One of you has to suffer eventually!


Nov 4, 2010

Student Eye Publishes Academic Dean of Student's Report on Plagiarism in EWPLI Program

Dr. James Harrigan, the Academic Dean of Students, has prepared a report on academic integrity issues and presented them to the AUI-S Administration and faculty. 

The report which is prepared due to "persistent rumors have circulated which cast significant doubt on the academic integrity of the program {EWPLI}"

Dr. Harrigan, who has recently joined his job as the Dean, says that the reading component of the EWPLI program, should be dealt with carefully.


Nov 3, 2010

Kurdish Version of Student Eye Starts Tonight

In another huge leap towards creating an independent journalism at the Kurdish universities, a Kurdish student blog starts to work tonight.

The blog, Chawi Xwendkar, will deal with the various issues at the Kurdish universities without any censor. The blog team published the first announcement in Kurdish promising to work against the different kinds of censor imposed on freedom of speech in the Kurdish universities.


Student Voice Changed Its Name to Student Eye

Student Eye New Logo

The Student Voice blog launched its periodical renewal by changing its name from Student Voice to Student Eye.

The change is a preface for a series of new services that will be disclosed to the audience next week.


Nov 2, 2010

Fun with AUI-S (John Dolan Special)

 by Astios 
This time, Fun with AUI-S is dedicated for the memory of a well-known professor, John Dolan. Of course, well-known in his absence not when on campus.

We know that Dr. Dolan understands this kind of language, because he, himself, has been writing comics until he came to AUI-S, he started to make money instead of making fun of the others. Having said that, the growing number of professors going to Dr. Agresto and complaining about Dr. Dolan’s “snide remarks” tells us that there Dr. Dolan never gave up his humorous style of making money. He made money of his students and made fun of his colleagues.


Nov 1, 2010

After Three Months of Continuous Work , Change is Coming to Student Voice

After three months of continuous works, the Student Voice announces a new phase of services. The blog, which started its online services on August 24, 2010.as the real voice of the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani students. 

Oct 31, 2010

You Have an Assignment Tomorrow, but You are not Sure? AUI-S Student Creates a Facebook Page for Assignments

Sarbast Majid, a junior IT student at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani, had a small problem. He knew that he was given an assignment, but he was not sure what it was and when it was due.

His friends were no of a better position.

"Whenever I was on Facebook, someone would open that chat box and ask me about the assignments," Sarbast said. "If I had that problem, it meant that some other students had it too."


Oct 30, 2010

Where did the AUI-S Advising Program Go?

Last year, The former Academic Dean of students, Dr. Denise Natali, announced the opening of a mentoring program for the AUI-S students.

The program, as the dean said, was designed to support the students during their university life. The AUI-S students were supposed to get direct counselling from some of the assigned professors.

Some students told Student Voice that they never met or saw their advisors. Some others, who got the chance to meet with their advisors, described the sessions as "useless and boring".


Oct 28, 2010

Fun with AUI-S

by Astios 

Hello again...

We know that this blog's mission is not to make fun of anyone and/or help anyone have fun. But sometimes it is just impossible to get people to understand something without making fun of them and/or having fun with them. That is why, we expect anyone who is smart enough to relate his/her name to his/her initial to be be tolerant and easygoing. We also want them to take our funs seriously. We are dead serious!


Oct 26, 2010

John Dolan, Academic Fraud

by  Dr. John Agresto*

John Dolan  -- John Carrol Dolan – Berkeley PhD, sometimes author, and late of the American University of Iraq, decided he would write a petulant diatribe bemoaning the fact that he was fired from this university.  It’s true; he was.  That may be the only thing true in his rant.

It was a risk hiring him, I admit.  Contrary to what Dolan states, we knew when we hired him that he was strongly against the War in Iraq.  We read his resume, could see where he stood politically, and we didn’t care.  We didn’t hire him because we wanted “intellectual diversity” or to show how open minded we were – we hired him to teach English, and didn’t care about his politics.

In an Exclusive Article to Student Voice, Dr. Agresto to Dr. Dolan: You are a Liar and an Academic Fraud

Dr. John Agresto, the Dean of AUI-S faculty, responds to Dr. John Dolan, the fired professor, in a long exclusive article that will be published tonight in Student Voice.

In his article, Dr. Agresto responds to the points raised in Dr. Dolan's article.

Dr. Agresto argues that the political stand of Dr. Dolan has never been an issue.

"We know he was against the war in Iraq... [but] we hired him to teach english and didn't care about his politics," wrote Dr. Agresto.

Oct 25, 2010

Student Voice Poll: There is Something Wrong with AUI-S and the Fired Professors

The Student Voice poll shows that the majority thinks the AUI-S administration and the fired professors both a re responsible for the crisis.

The poll which lasted for 12 days and ended tonight, recorded the largest participation among the three polls been conducted by Student Voice so far.


Oct 24, 2010

Fun with AUI-S

by Astios 

Dear Student Voice readers... This column will be dedicated for the small pieces of news we get from the students. Send whatever you have to our email stdntvc@gmail.com or share it with us on our Facebook and/or Twitter pages. Here is the first part:

* Dr. G smokes while in class. Is this also a part of the American exceptional-ism?  

* Professor (B.S) always tells the male students to arrange the desks and tells the female students to relax while the males are doing the job. Dear Professor, are you a feminist or you think you are at a guy's fitness gym?


AUI-S Violates the Copyright Rules Set by U.S. Copyright Office

The American University of Iraq-Sulaimani copies books that have copyrights. The copying is due to lack of actual textbooks, as it has been told to the students.

The textbooks that are copies all have copyrights of different publishers such as Cengage.

The copying, if there was no permission from the publishing companies, will be regarded as a clear violation of the copyright rules at the United States of America and Iraq.


Oct 23, 2010

Dr. John Dolan: I Needed Money to Live that is Why I Accepted to Teach at AUI-S....We were Told to Pretend that We were Teaching You like American Students...Dr. Agresto didn't Fire Me Because of Missing Classes, He Fired Me Because of the Article

What you read here, is an exclusive interview with Dr. John Dolan, a former professor of English Composition and Literature at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani. He was fired by the AUI-S administration in August. He answers many important questions on his relations with the AUI-S administration, the faculty members, and the students. He also clarifies some points mentioned in his article.

Most of the people who have read your article say, “Why didn’t he write a critical article while he was at AUI-S?" 

I valued my job and I did not want to offend a capricious and ideologically blinkered administration.   

  Some students feel disgraced by your article? In many places you have made references to AUI-S students that illustrates us as “rough-looking, wimpy, academically incapable and etc.. why?

It was in no way my intention to disgrace the students. I should explain that in American culture, it is fashionable both to be tough looking (think Clint Eastwood) and to be wimpy and urbane (think Johnny Depp).  My point in the paragraph you refer to was that Kurds and Arabs are different, you have a history of conflict and Americans can’t wish that history away overnight.By the way, I never said or thought that students were academically incapable. I said that the ESL course had not prepared them well for university courses in English.Finally, let me refer you to the following paragraph where I express my sincere admiration for students:


How do Bloggers Contribute to Democracy in the Middle East?

From The Economist October 21, 2010. 

Bloggers in the Middle East

Don't be too cheeky

Governments in the Middle East are cracking down on bloggers

A MONTH ago a court in Iran sentenced Hossein Derakhshan, an Iranian-Canadian, to almost 20 years in jail, the longest sentence ever handed down to a blogger. The charges were murky. He was convicted of co-operating with hostile states and insulting Islam. Often hailed as Iran’s “blogfather”, he published a do-it-yourself guide to blogging in Persian earlier this decade that helped to prompt an explosion of activity. Today there may be as many as 75,000 Persian blogs.

Oct 22, 2010

Student Voice Publishes an Exclusive Interview with Dr. John Dolan

In an exclusive interview, the fired professor Dr. John Dolan answers Student Voice's questions.

Dr. Dolan has been teaching English Composition and British Literature at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani until he was fired due what AUI-S administration calls "racist" stands of Dr. Dolan.

Dr. Dolan answers questions on his relations with AUI-S Watch blog and Mark Grueter, another fired lecturer at AUI-S.

Oct 21, 2010

Student Voice Publishes a List of the Best Scholarship Websites

Most of the Iraqi students have a common question: How can I have information about studying abroad and scholarship opportunities?

Student Voice gives the answer right here. Here is the best list of the related websites to our dear friends.


Oct 20, 2010

Kazem al -Saher to be in Sulaimani on the Eid ,,, Student Voice suggests reduction in ticket prices for the students

 Kazem al -Saher, the famous Iraqi singer, will be in Sulaimani on the Eid al -Adha  to hold two concerts. Al-Saher, who is also known as the Cesar of Arabic song, will meet thousands of his fans in Iraq after three decades of living in diaspora. Al-Saher will hold two concerts in Sulaimani on the first and second days of Eid and a third concert in Erbil on the third day. he first concert of the Cesar will be in the Sulaimani Soccer Stadium and each ticket will be sold for $60. The second concert will be at the Sulaimani Arts Palace and each ticket will be sold for $200. 

Oct 19, 2010

AUI-S Owes Each Summer Term Student $100

by Student Voice

Last summer, the summer term students at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani were asked to pay $100 as an insurance money. They were told that the money will be given back to them, but they have not received any amount of money.


Oct 17, 2010

On the Policy of Two Gates

by Bahman Abdulrahman Hasan
Ironically, it’s a source of joy, delight, ecstasy, and blessing that our university has two gates, and also, perhaps it just for the safety of students and the staff. AUI-S, fortunately like politics, has both Eastern and Western gates to look through. For the sake of security, as the university claims, students and visitors are allowed to enter the university through the Eastern gate. Yet, satirically, I prefer the West gate, it is better. We want, as we have been asked to, to think and act in accordance to western values. The university based on one of the most Western chosen systems. The western gate a long the eastern gate all together may sever this purpose since they are only gates.   


Oct 12, 2010

Dear Dr. John Dolan .. Yours Sincerely, Shalaw Fatah

Dear Dr. John,
That's how I start writing any formal or informal emails, but since you’ve taught us something about the value of creativity, let me begin my own way. You may remember me, the calm student who was always sitting in the 2nd chair in the back of the class, second line from your right wing, listening passionately, but too lazy and careless to bring a huge book of literature until it came to grades. I saw your article on alternet.com, about your time with us, and regardless of the content which I’m going to discuss it, it should be appreciated for its humorous and convenient method.


Oct 10, 2010

Student Voice Uncovers the Scandalous Exam...The Final Exam Questions Were Stolen

According to a reliable source, which wants to remain anonymous due to safety reasons, the final exams questions of the EWPLI 4 were stolen by a group of students.

The source said that a group of EWPLI 4 students, at least two, have gone into the copy room of the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani, where the exams are printed, and have stolen the exams. Later, they have given copies of the exams to their friends.

The students who have stolen the exams have gotten unimaginable scores, while their academic capabilities are known to be very weak.

The copy room machines are encoded with passwords and only members of the faculty can access to it. This means that some of the teachers take the responsibility for the leak.

AUI-S Dean of Students, Dr. James Harrigan, is now asked to take necessary measures against the students and teachers responsible for the scandal.
The academic integrity of the AUI-S students is the first victim of the cheating events, and this is the right time to put an end to it.

Oct 9, 2010

Dr. John Dolan Attacks AUI-S Administration.. "I was fired for writing an article"

In a long article, published on alternet.org website, Dr. John Dolan, who has taught English Literature and English Composition at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani , attacks AUI-S administration.

Dr. Dolan's article, "I Was a Professor at the Horribly Corrupt American University of Iraq.... Until the Neocons Fired Me", is full of accusations against members of the AUI-S administration. He has not mentioned most of the attacked figures by name, but most of them are known through the description he has given.

Dr. Dolan's controversial article sheds light for the first time on events have been unknown for the student body at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani. Some of the events mentioned in the article will lead to a big controversy, if they are formally verified.

Dr. Dolan claims that the university has fired him for writing an article against the Iraq war.

To see the article, click the following link :


Oct 7, 2010

Student Voice Poll: Students are more into not paying the $400.

The result of the last Students voice reveals that most of the voters are against the $400 required by AUI-S for books and dorms.
Question of the poll was, “Should AUI-S students pay the $400 for books and dorms”. Each week Student posts a question online to see how students respond. The question sourced from the last change in the AUI-S payment policy.

Oct 6, 2010

AUI-S updates the Academic Catalogue.

The last edition of the Academic Catalogue

Recently, AUI-S renewed the Academic Catalogue with very tiny but critical changes.

“We will Not Pay a Penny” activists started moving.

Idres Ali with his EWPLI certification.

Today celebrating with the last group of  the EWPLI level four students, “We Will Not Pay a Penny “complain activists began the first move toward not paying the $400 imposed by AUI-S.


Oct 5, 2010

Back to page 37 From The Academic Catalogue Of The American University of Iraq- Sulaimani.

by Bahman Abdulrahman
Page 37 of the AUI-S 2009-10 Academic Catalogue.
In fact it is not just white, it is written in black
 but it is white in practice.    

Universities are striving to take steps forward in accordance to the rules they are founded upon. Whereas, for most, enduring these rules is the measure of triumph and a gentle guidance for future, replacing them, for a few, is a clear indication of failure.


Oct 4, 2010

Cabin 36 Turned to a Week Bookstore.

The American University of Iraq-Sulaimani logo

Mr. Paul Craft, deputy to the provost of the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani, announced that students must have their books bought from the newly established Bookstore located in the Cabin36.


Oct 1, 2010

The illusion and the theory of the cement walls

by Bahman Abdulrahman 

Almost certainly, all engineering students would count the AUI-S campus project as a fragmentary conjecture of the 21st century. It’s, perhaps, a new theory in the field of architecture, in which some five story buildings take years to be erected. Some imperative, but not all, barriers I’m aware of, yet the devoured time reject any pretext.

Sep 18, 2010

Student Voice starts "We Will Not Pay a Penny" Campaign

Some AUI-S students started a campaign under the new fees imposed by the AUI-S administration under the title of "We Will not Pay a Penny". Student Voice is sponsering this campaign which is designed to increase its acitivities in the beginning of the new semester on October 10, 2010.

The campaign will work through a sister-blog  http://www.zeropenny.blogspot.com/ .

Simple and Straight: 3 Bonus Points

by Shalaw Fatah
I’ve heard much about (but not given) bonus points or grades, but it’s usually given and not taken. Here we have a different situation, at first we came to AUI-S, our minimum was 2.7, and now it’s being raised to 3.0, an additional, or you can call it bonus points on. This bonus is too serious because of some students are under scholarship and they should have 3.0 every semester to be there, and they were told they need only 2.7 to be under funded.


Sep 17, 2010

We and Criticism

By Bahman Abdulrahman Hasan 

Plato (427 BC 348BC) prominent Greek philosopher and mathematician, wrote "The unexamined life is not worth living." (Apology 38a) He, Plato, argues all man life should be examined. In other words our live are just a pure constant criticism process. Criticism is the only method of evaluating happenings. “Life” in Plato’s perspective is all that shared and matters for man. Today, most, if not all, academic institutions give a huge account to criticism and they may want to add values of criticism to the characteristic of their graduates. Perhaps, it’s up to students to bone up, if whither, criticism is inherited or nurtured, but it’s entirely an important trait.


Sep 7, 2010


Dear AU-S students, Student Voice congratulates you on the Ramadan Eid, we wish you a happy nice life. Student Voice is and will remain the first and only indepented student voice at The American University of Iraq-Sulaimani.

Sep 6, 2010

Student Voice Poll: AUI-S Students Divided on Liberal Arts Education Merits

The Student Voice Poll

According to the results of the Student Voice poll, which continued for a week and closed today , AUI-S students are sharply divided on the pros and cons of AUI-S's being a liberal arts university.
 The question of the poll was, "Is AUI-S's being a liberal arts university a good thing?". 35 people answered the question. While 17 of them said yes, another 17 said no, and only one person didn't know what to decide.

My U.S. Memoir- Second Part

by Ayoush Al-Zaidy
While we were studying at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond; we were paired with 25 American classmates and spent the majority of our class time working with our American counterparts on social media-focused projects. We worked with local non-profit organizations from the Richmond community. We developed a social media strategy for them. Also, we presented these projects to our chosen non-profit for professional critique.


Sep 5, 2010

U.S. Embassy Changed Naming from "Non-Kurdish" to "Non-KRG" after Student Voice's News

U.S. Embassy's Correction
in its Facebook page
Student Voice blog caused United States Baghdad Embassy to change its attitude towards naming the 20 full scholarships granted by the embassy to AUI-S.
In  a previous news, Student Voice blog showed the difference between AUI-S and U.S. embassy regarding the naming of the 20 full-scholarships granted by the U.S. embassy in Baghdad. Today, U.S. embassy changed the naming on its official page on facebook.