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Mar 31, 2011

Today in Photos

Demonestrators welcome AUI-S students warmly as an inseparable part of Azadi Square.

Mar 30, 2011

AUI-S Says Students are Free to Exercise Their Right of Free Speech

A group of American University of Iraq-Sulaimani students are going to join the demonstrations at Liberation Square on Thursday, and Dr. James Harrigan, AUI-S Dean of students, says, "the students are free to express themselves."

Dana Jaf: Tomorrow by Deeds not Words We Show Our Support for Freedom and Democracy

My Dear Friends,

Tomorrow, at 3:30 pm, We will join the honorable demonstrators at the Liberation Square.

Students should be the pioneers of change and hope. It is our duty as the students of this modern reckon of education to show our support to what we believe. Liberation Square has become a place of gathering for those who seek freedom, justice and happiness.

Mar 29, 2011

AUI-S Students Join Liberation Square on Thursday

A group of AUI-S students will join the Liberation Square demonstrations on Thursday.

After 40 days of continous demonstrations against despotism and corruption, the crowds at Liberation Square in Sulaimani are still chanting for freedom and justice.


Mar 28, 2011

AUI-S students join Azadi Square demonstrators

AUI-S students will join Azadi Square demonstrations. A group of students have started a campaign to motivate students to join and show their support to the demonstrators.

Mar 12, 2011

I’m your hope

Banner of Sami Yusuf's last song:
I am your hope

by: Muhammad Kurdistani 

The recent music video of the famous Islamic singer Sami Yusuf, along with the ongoing events in the region urged me to write this piece in order to emphasize one important take away, or more accurately, message from what that is happening.

Mar 8, 2011

Demonstrations' Real Economic (and Social) Impact

Kurdish girl demonstrating
against corruption 

by Muhammad Kurdistani

I’ve read an article published on this great blog under the title "Violence's Impact on Economy in Kurdistan Region". In many cases I agree with the writer and since it is an important topic, I thought that it might be useful to elaborate and look at it from slightly different angles.

Mar 4, 2011

AUI-S: In the wake of the political Turmoil

Bahman Abdulrahman
by:Bahman Abdulrahman
Can the American university of Iraq-Sulaimani stand on its feet alone? What will happen if the present political conflicts push its Board of Trustees to flee the country? . Will its American faculty members risk their lives for the sake of young “future Iraqi leaders”?