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Aug 31, 2010

AUI-S Asks Students not to Submit Tuitions at Warka Bank

Amongst news of bank's bankruptcy, AUI-S finance offices asks students not to submit their tuition payments at Al-Warka bank, and an official from the bank says they have no problems.

Zinya Kazzaz, from AUI-S finances offices, sent out an e-mail to AUI-S students asking them to stop dealing with Warka bank, which has a branch on AUI-S campus since last year.

Dr. John Agresto: The Engineering major starts in Spring semester

Dr. John Agresto, the provost of the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani, held a press conference announcing the opening of a new major, engineering major. Dr. Agresto told Student Voice that they have not decided yet whether it will be Petroleum or Mechanical engineering.


FLASH..FLASH...FLASH: Engineering Major Opened at AUI-S

We are glad to announce that the Petroleum Engineering major was opened by American University of Iraq-Sulaimani today. That is the news we have got so far. We are expecting Dr. John Agresto, AUI-S provost, to hold a press conference a short time from now... Details are coming..


Aug 30, 2010

Dashnye Daloye: AUI-S Students are not Familiar with Freedom

Dashnye Daloye, the director of Student Affairs office of the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani, is quoted to be saying that AUI-S students are not familiar with freedom.

"Students are not familiar with freedom, absence of fear, criticism and dialogue, they are not used to healthy relations with their professors. Students in Kurdistan as well as all over Iraq have grown accustomed to listening but not to dialogue and criticism,’ Dashnye Daloye told Niqash website.

My U.S. Memoir: First Part

by Ayoush Al-Zaidy

We have come to the United States as a group of 50 Iraqi undergraduate students, as part of an exchange program that lasts for six weeks. Twenty five students are studying at the University of Massachusetts and 25 of us were at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.

Important Dates for AUI-S Students

According to the Academic calendar published on AUI-S website, summer classes will end only one day before Ramadan Eid on Septermber 9, 2010.

Aug 29, 2010

The Accreditation!!!

by Pola Kamal

This piece of writing is not an attempt to defame AUI-S reputation rather to make it strong and even more receptive. This piece of writing tells why the full accreditation that was given to AUI-S recently is not going to benefit AUI-S students. I am not trying to pour scorn on the foremost and grandstanding achievement of the AUI-S short history nor underestimate the hard work that was done for the sake of the accreditation. I know that AUI-S bent over backwards to g
et this accreditation, and this actions is contemptible that is why we as AUI-S students acknowledge and appreciate everything was done.

Simple and Straight: Examining the Red Lines

by Shallaw Fatah

Don’t be surprised if I say, sometimes, the root of a deformed image of an institution stems from rumour. Some people don’t dare
to write about what they think so then they will form a story, claiming that they can’t write because of such and such pu
 nishments. It’s true that in any educational institution of our era, there are some limitations and rules because of the hierarchical nature of such institutions; university is not an exception of course, but do we really have many red lines in our university?

Aug 28, 2010

In Praise of Liberal Arts Education...

By Danar Rashid

We, humans, are adapted to criticize others while we are drawn in our errors. Blaming the others is the best way to hide our dormancy and to fulfill the excuses. However, this is not an attack to criticism and freedom of speech, but a compliment for a better us.

Well Done Dr. Agresto!

Dr. John Agresto, AUI-S Provost
Dr. John Agresto, the provost of the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani was the first one to congratulate Student Voice blog. He told us that he was delighted to see a brave blog defending student rights without any anonymty. He asked the blog to accept different opinions.
 We state it one more time that this blog is established to make the best use of the freedoms  at AUI-S and contribute to it through free speech. We are not taking sides on anything. Any piece of writing sent by a student is  published without any censor. Again.Well Done Dr. Agresto for defending freedom of speech on campus...

The $400

By Mahdi Abdullah Murad

July 28, 2010, was one of the happiest days in my life for I got a job after almost a month of looking forward to finding it. I was happy more than any one else because I had planned to do so many things with that small amount of money that I would get via working and to save at least some money for my next year study.


Aug 26, 2010

AUI-S Students are Good at Keeping Secrets...

By Hemn Muhammed

May be most of you did not hear anything about Kanan Makiya’s Republic of Fear. In this book the author analyzes the situation that Iraqis had during Saddam Hussein’s regime. It was an era when every one was afraid of every one, brother of brother, father of his son. Anyway, I think AUIS students are not aware that Saddam’s Iraq is over and still live in the republic of fear. Also, they are afraid to tell their “secrets”.


Aug 25, 2010

Freedom of Speech

by Dana Jaf

I am well aware of the fact that the country I am writing in doesn’t have a constitution with a first amendment in it. The same hurting fact applies to my university, because it is the “American University” but wait for it: “of Iraq-Sulaimani”. This land’s rules apply to my cabin-rich university as well.

Aug 24, 2010

Warm Greetings

The voice of AUI-S students is not heard by anyone inside and outside the university. The students are the lastto know about the decisions made and the last to have a say on them. We want to put an end to this