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Aug 29, 2010

The Accreditation!!!

by Pola Kamal

This piece of writing is not an attempt to defame AUI-S reputation rather to make it strong and even more receptive. This piece of writing tells why the full accreditation that was given to AUI-S recently is not going to benefit AUI-S students. I am not trying to pour scorn on the foremost and grandstanding achievement of the AUI-S short history nor underestimate the hard work that was done for the sake of the accreditation. I know that AUI-S bent over backwards to g
et this accreditation, and this actions is contemptible that is why we as AUI-S students acknowledge and appreciate everything was done.

It was early morning when I went to one of the labs to check my email; I was surprised by Dr.John Agresto’s happy news about the accreditation. I did not know what accreditation meant because It was my first time that heard the word accreditation. I ran out to find someone to explain to me what accreditations mean. Eventually, I was told that it meant AUI-S is recognized in all over America. And AUI-S students can go to America to study one semester or two and then come back here to continue studying at AUI-S. It sounded perfect, I said wow AUI-S avails its students a life time opportunity.

There is no point of accreditation in Iraq unless we go abroad as transfer or exchange students. Why should AUI-S students be happy about the accreditation while they can’t travel to America because the US embassy does not give them visas? If a program is not sponsored by the US embassy in Baghdad, it will be impossible to get a visa to America. Those AUI-S students who went to America on IYLEP this summer is a different story because the program was sponsored by the embassy itself. Here I am talking about applying to one of the US universities and get a scholarship for one year and go on your own. The first attempt was by Kurdistan, an academic student, who received a scholarship for one year at one of the US universities. She was very happy, but unfortunately she was rejected to get a visa twice in the US embassy in Baghdad. In the embassy, they asked her why would she want to study one semester in America. She told them that she wanted to experience life and see America, and they her that she was rejected because she did not sound convincing. What a stupid reason to reject someone.

The first attempt failed and our dreams of going to study in America died. What else should we expect from the super hero accreditation? It would be unreasonable to think that it is something unique inside Iraq to have accreditation because every university that establishes receive recognition whether by Iraqi or Kurdistan minister of higher education.

I don’t know whether AUI-S has been sidestepping this issue or not. In my perspective, receiving accreditation is not going to make an iota of difference if we are not allowed to go to America. I hope this piece of writing pushes AUI-S to work toward this disappointing issue to make the AUI-S students real happy and to bridge the gap between AUI-S and the other accredited universities.

*Pola Kamal is an International Studies and Political Science Freshman at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani.
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5 Comments: on "The Accreditation!!!"

Anonymous said...

do you think that AUI-S does not want students to visit or study in the USA? AUI-S does want students to study and visit the USA, but it is all about our government and the corruption. I do not want to talk about the government because it takes more than a book to describe our "lovely government." I wish that AUI-S does have its own embassy, so we can visit and study in the USA. AUI-S wants its students to visit the USA because AUI-S will have a good reputation. it is for the AUI-S's sake to send students to the USA. Finally, AUI-S does not belong to the US embassy in Baghdad, so it can not do anything for students to study in the USA.

Anonymous said...

I think your subjects are too far from each Mr. Pola.
First of all, getting un accreditation is not away for getting visa in US. You are trying to make a connection between US embassy and AUI-S accreditation. Still you can think of going to America just like those students in AUI-S who are in the US right now for studying.

Be more realistic Pola, you are in American University while you are paying less than half of the real price, while there is not any financial program just like AUIS in all the American universities in the world. No one can get everything once.

Pola Kamal said...

helping students to get their visas is not unrealistic.
receiving an accreditation was the key reason for us to think about getting abroad as exchange students. AUI-S opend the gate and paved the road for its tstudents, but there a big stone setting on the middle of the road that blocks the way and students alone can't continue going forward without AUI-S's help. what I ask here is that AUI-S to build an OFFICIAL relationship with the US embassy to help students to get their visas. is that too much?

Anonymous said...

Mr.Polla .. do you hate Suli that much that you don't like to study in it ??!!
you have American teachers and you are with them all the time

Student Eye said...

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