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Sep 18, 2010

Student Voice starts "We Will Not Pay a Penny" Campaign

Some AUI-S students started a campaign under the new fees imposed by the AUI-S administration under the title of "We Will not Pay a Penny". Student Voice is sponsering this campaign which is designed to increase its acitivities in the beginning of the new semester on October 10, 2010.

The campaign will work through a sister-blog  http://www.zeropenny.blogspot.com/ .

Simple and Straight: 3 Bonus Points

by Shalaw Fatah
I’ve heard much about (but not given) bonus points or grades, but it’s usually given and not taken. Here we have a different situation, at first we came to AUI-S, our minimum was 2.7, and now it’s being raised to 3.0, an additional, or you can call it bonus points on. This bonus is too serious because of some students are under scholarship and they should have 3.0 every semester to be there, and they were told they need only 2.7 to be under funded.


Sep 17, 2010

We and Criticism

By Bahman Abdulrahman Hasan 

Plato (427 BC 348BC) prominent Greek philosopher and mathematician, wrote "The unexamined life is not worth living." (Apology 38a) He, Plato, argues all man life should be examined. In other words our live are just a pure constant criticism process. Criticism is the only method of evaluating happenings. “Life” in Plato’s perspective is all that shared and matters for man. Today, most, if not all, academic institutions give a huge account to criticism and they may want to add values of criticism to the characteristic of their graduates. Perhaps, it’s up to students to bone up, if whither, criticism is inherited or nurtured, but it’s entirely an important trait.


Sep 7, 2010


Dear AU-S students, Student Voice congratulates you on the Ramadan Eid, we wish you a happy nice life. Student Voice is and will remain the first and only indepented student voice at The American University of Iraq-Sulaimani.

Sep 6, 2010

Student Voice Poll: AUI-S Students Divided on Liberal Arts Education Merits

The Student Voice Poll

According to the results of the Student Voice poll, which continued for a week and closed today , AUI-S students are sharply divided on the pros and cons of AUI-S's being a liberal arts university.
 The question of the poll was, "Is AUI-S's being a liberal arts university a good thing?". 35 people answered the question. While 17 of them said yes, another 17 said no, and only one person didn't know what to decide.

My U.S. Memoir- Second Part

by Ayoush Al-Zaidy
While we were studying at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond; we were paired with 25 American classmates and spent the majority of our class time working with our American counterparts on social media-focused projects. We worked with local non-profit organizations from the Richmond community. We developed a social media strategy for them. Also, we presented these projects to our chosen non-profit for professional critique.


Sep 5, 2010

U.S. Embassy Changed Naming from "Non-Kurdish" to "Non-KRG" after Student Voice's News

U.S. Embassy's Correction
in its Facebook page
Student Voice blog caused United States Baghdad Embassy to change its attitude towards naming the 20 full scholarships granted by the embassy to AUI-S.
In  a previous news, Student Voice blog showed the difference between AUI-S and U.S. embassy regarding the naming of the 20 full-scholarships granted by the U.S. embassy in Baghdad. Today, U.S. embassy changed the naming on its official page on facebook.

Financial Aid System Needs Radical Reform

by Pola Kamal
AUI-S has been offering jobs to its students who are on financial aid in order to offset some of their tuitions. Everyone is glad that AUI-S helps its students to pay the tuition, which students might not be able to pay without those jobs. It seems the jobs that have been given to students are out of sympathy rather for the benefit of the university. Those jobs are only to keep the students busy and in the mean time to lessen their tuitions a little bit. The simplicity of the jobs themselves and the ways work study students are treated raises doubt about the results.


Hayas's Goat and AUI-S

by Karwan Gaznay
 In the past, there was a king of the villages in Kurdistan. One day the king called the people and said:” I have a goat. I would like to someone borrow my goat and return it with the same weight.” Hayas, who was a resident of the village, said “I can do it.” He brought the goat and bought a wolf. He fed the goat kinds of food that were full of vitamins till evening, yet he showed the big, dangerous wolf to the goat in the evening till morning, so the goat couldn’t get any benefits from the food!! Thus, the goat was in the same weight. When people asked why he did that? Calmly as usual, he said “Goat is my goat, if you think bad, you don’t do that.” When he returned the goat, the goat was the same weight it was taken. Therefore, he was bestowed a wife by the king for doing his job successfully.

Sep 4, 2010

Fall Semester: New Provost, New Rector and New Academic Dean of Students

Beginning from Fall semester, the three main positions of the AUI-S administration will be run by new faces.

Miss Daloye, We are not Afraid

 by Bahman  Abdulrahman Hasan
“Students are not familiar with freedom, absence of fear, criticism and dialogue, they are not used to healthy relations with their professors. Students in Kurdistan as well as all over Iraq have grown accustomed to listening but not to dialogue and criticism.” Dashnye Daloye, AUI-S Director of Student Affairs
This is a selection of a report titled American University Needs Money published on Niqash , an online trilingual newspaper, on August 25, 2010. The reporter, Dana Asaad, addressed AUI-S’s current unsatisfactory state of affairs directly through quoting from the university officials.

On Dashnye Daloye's Interview - We Need an American University!

by Mahdi Abdullah Murad

In an interview given to Niqash website and published in many other Kurdish media, Dashne Daloye, the student affairs director, said that AUI-S students are not used to freedom and absence of fear. While supporting Ms. Daloye in her thesis, I would like to say something more on the issue.


Sep 2, 2010

The 20 Full Scholarships ... U.S. Embassy: It is for the non-Kurdish students .... AUI-S: It is for Students from Outside Kurdistan Region

Student Voice found a big difference between the United States embassy in Baghdad and American University of Iraq-Sulaimani regarding naming the 20 full scholarships granted by the US embassy.

AUI-S Official Website Confuses Students over Exam Dates

auis.org, The official website of the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani, confuses Summer school students on the exam schedule.
According to the Academic calendar published on auis.org, the final exams schedule for the summer school students will be 12-15/9/2010 while EWPLI teachers have told a different date to the students.

Sep 1, 2010

To Dr. Barham Salih & Dr. John Agresto: Please Read This and Rescue Our Taxi Drivers

by Dana Jaf

Two weeks a ago, on a day with scorching heat, I took a taxi . The driver was a handsome young man who seemed to be flexible with any amount of money. When I opened the front door, I felt the joy in his eyes, something normal to any taxi driver who hunts a customer, but this time, it was different.

I hurried to ask him about his other job besides being a taxi driver. I thought of everything but the answer he  gave. He had just graduated from high school. So automatically my next question was: how much did you get on the final exams? I thought of every number but the answer he gave, again. He had gotten 97! His facial expressions were enough evidence to me to believe him.