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Sep 5, 2010

U.S. Embassy Changed Naming from "Non-Kurdish" to "Non-KRG" after Student Voice's News

U.S. Embassy's Correction
in its Facebook page
Student Voice blog caused United States Baghdad Embassy to change its attitude towards naming the 20 full scholarships granted by the embassy to AUI-S.
In  a previous news, Student Voice blog showed the difference between AUI-S and U.S. embassy regarding the naming of the 20 full-scholarships granted by the U.S. embassy in Baghdad. Today, U.S. embassy changed the naming on its official page on facebook.

U.S. embassy's offical Facebook page posted a note on its wall saying "Interested in an accredited, American-style liberal arts education? The United States Govt. & American University of Iraq - Sulaimaniyah (AUI-S) offer scholarships for the best and brightest to study at AUI-S. Applications for the Iraqi Merit Scholarships at AUI-S for non-KRG students are due September 15".
This is different from the previous naming which was "non-Kurdish students."
Another important correction was made by the AUI-S website.
The website updated the Academic calendar. This update comes after the news published on the old academic calendar on Student Voice blog.
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