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Apr 30, 2012

Wudel Will not Apologize to Smith

Dr. Darcy Wudel The Dean of Faculty of Americn University of Iraq Sulaimani.

Today in a meeting with a group of IS students, Dr. Darcy Wudel, AUIS Dean of Faculty, avoids apologizing to Dr. Bryan Smith. This comes when a student asked, “will Mr. Wudel apologize to Mr. Smith in case the accusations against him turned out to be baseless?” The dean answered “No, because this is according to the procedures. We don’t have to apologize to anyone”.

Apr 29, 2012

Part I: The Tyranny of Wudel: Grazing is For the Obedient

by: Bahman A. Hassan
Those who study politics and philosophy seriously lose when they practice “the knowledge they possess”. They, due to being over skeptic, lose reality to the illusory “matters”. They, those who want to be called “philosophers”, may know the art (art of ruling), but make no use of it when comes to practice.  It is like doctors, some may learn the art but lack practicality. Ironically, like Socrates was reminded, they are “worthless at best”. When they are given chances to rule, they consciously or unconsciously establish tyrannies. As an illustration, I will take Darcy Wudel’s Tyranny at the American University of Iraq Sulaimani.

In his headquarter in the second floor of “Building B”; license of grazing is given to the “loyalists”-only. If you know how to remain near the tyrant, you will be fine. By your loyalty, which is a character found in all tyrannical regimes,


On contrary, any one stands in the way of the “tyrant” will be marginalized, expelled or worse “defamed”. Your social status and job depend on your relation with the “Tyrant. The closer you are the better and more secured you will be. Like my father’s “employment” of my mother- may be other women as well- tyrants give their wives high positions, because “they are trustworthy”.   

 For a long time, in fact, from the time Mr. Wudel responded my friend with “FUCK YOU, I AM NOT READY TO LISTEN TO YOU” when he asked a question, I wanted to show my deep concern. No one might remember this, yet this followed by more dramatic stories. No one, so far, had “muscle in his under belly” to show the discrepancies. Things went from bad higher to worse. As the man, however with a new tittle, took Harrigan’s place failed to control the rudder.

Tyrants’ beginnings are all the same. They come at a time when the place they later rule is recovering from a lost. The same happened at the American University of Iraq Sulaimani. When James Harrigan offered fare well, anyone with a new face- even Bahman- could take his place. If this illustration is not clear, please consider the next.

I presume, you all have read Animal Farm by George Orwell, and you may remember the ruling elite of the house. Napoleon - the pig who emerges as the leader of the “Rebellion”, was the only available “dish on the minus”. The same happened at AUIS. Similarly to the farm, “no soul” had time or wit to predict the possible outcomes, yet they set the boat of a tyrant to sail with a man who has “no knowledge of the seas”.   

To prove these please stay with us. Stories of The Tyranny of Wudel: Grazing is For the Obedient will continue!


The Tyrant, Peter Friedrich's Scandal vs. Bryan Smith's Accusation.  

Apr 10, 2012

Evaluate Dr.Robert Ssarracino

 Dr. Sarracino graduated from the University of Victoria with a Ph.D. in Physics (General Relativity).

For a long time, Dr. Sarracino has taught courses in most branches of physics, and in selected areas of applied mathematics:  electrodynamics, classical mechanics, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, vibrations and waves, continuum mechanics, vector Calculus, selected topics in numerical analysis (particularly Discrete Element analysis and Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics), and detonation physics.

For a while, he worked in South Africa on a special numerical model to simulate the effects of blasting in rock, and later worked on models simulating the mechanical breakdown of rock in grinding mills, which comprise the first stage in ore processing.

In Los Alamos, Mr. Robert formed a small mathematics consulting company, and became interested in deep-source geothermal energy.

His outside interests include the interface & harmony between science and religion.

Dr. Saracino is teaching Mathematics II and Statistics now at the American University of Iraq Sulaimani.

Evaluate Dr. Robert Saracino.


Apr 3, 2012

Wrong Behaviors Follow by Strict Policies

 By: Bahman Hassan

In order to reduce students’ waste of its resources, starting form spring semester, AUIS has decided to charge students for printing services. This policy made many angry, yet it comes rightly to serve a true purpose. Students used to print pages and page and never used them. I have personally seen students printing books, and never thinking what might happen.  I leave you with these shocking photos that being taken by AUIS IT department and SET team. By the end I hope students will understand their wrong action will always follow by strict policies.  

Students were priniting papers without evern reading their headings.

Is it realy computer labs for?
What is going on, who is fault is this?

Is the way you want your work station to be?

The student left, but what he/she needed and printed is still there?
I hope this time my point is clear.

Apr 1, 2012

Clothing Donation for the Qalawa Refugee

There are always some people who need our help, and we can save them easily if we want to. This is the time.  Ms. Rachel and Mr. Geoffrey are going to hold an event to donate the Qalawa refugee camp.  For additional information, read the below email by Leah McNall, Student Services Coordinator.

“A message from Ms. Rachel Laribee and Mr. Geoffrey Gresk:

Dear students,

We are organizing a clothing donation drive for the Qalawa refugee camp.  We will be leaving AUIS and heading to the camp onFriday, April 13th at 12:00pm.  Anyone who is interested in helping is more than welcome to come along.  

If any of you would still like to contribute to the clothing drive, simply leave a bag in office B-F2-37 (Rosalind's and Rachel's office) or in office B-F2-07 (Geoff Gresk's office).

Much thanks to all for your time and support.

 ~Rachel and Geoff”

Helping needed people is always proving humanity.