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Apr 30, 2012

Wudel Will not Apologize to Smith

Dr. Darcy Wudel The Dean of Faculty of Americn University of Iraq Sulaimani.

Today in a meeting with a group of IS students, Dr. Darcy Wudel, AUIS Dean of Faculty, avoids apologizing to Dr. Bryan Smith. This comes when a student asked, “will Mr. Wudel apologize to Mr. Smith in case the accusations against him turned out to be baseless?” The dean answered “No, because this is according to the procedures. We don’t have to apologize to anyone”.

It is worth reminding that Mr. Smith is now held suspended and under investigation. The result of the investigation will be announced by the end of the week, yet his case will remain unrevealed to the students.
             According to the available information, Mr. Smith is accused with “inappropriate in class attitude towards some of his students”.
            It is the first time an investigation of this kind takes place at the American University of Iraq Sulaimani.
The Dean of Faculty Mr. Daecy Wudel, unconsciously uttered that the complaint was made to an “office” outside the university campus- Student Eye will work to find out whose office Mr. Wudel was referring to.
This, again, puts AUIS’s independence at stake. Mr. Smith’s suspensions came as an order by a body outside the university and the “administration only implements the order according to the procedures” Mr. Darcy further explained.   
Not only the interest of students is not regarded, yet this case put questions on the administration’s ability to handle problems. Because now students are divided into two clashing groups, some call for Mr. Smith’s return whereas others call for his departure and revealing his case.

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3 Comments: on "Wudel Will not Apologize to Smith"

Darcy Wudel said...

I would like to offer a correction to the report of what was said at yesterday's meeting. The decision to suspend Dr. Bryan was, in fact, taken at the executive level, i.e., within the university.

Dr. Darcy Wudel
Dean of Faculty

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