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Jan 31, 2012

So Respectful!!

Disrespecting is speaking for itself in anywhere, where the powerful is stronger than the weak!!!
When the weak cannot do anything against the disrespectful actions of the powerful, and the powerful does not care about anything accept his interests, this is disrespectful.  

When the weak is asked to pay or leave, and the powerful is not listening, this is disrespectful!

When the powerful does not care about the weak, and the weak is about dying, this is disrespectful!

When the powerful is asking for finding jobs and equating United States with Kurdistan, and the weak doesn’t have enough money even to spend monthly, this is disrespectful!

When the weak is asked for $70 per month, and the powerful is wasting money for useless things, this is disrespectful!

When the powerful is giving the cafeteria for free to the rich people, and the weak is asked for paying an acceptable amount of money, this is disrespectful!

When the weak is asking for his rights politely, and he is ignored by the powerful, this is disrespectful!

When the powerful brings someone to teach how to teach in his classes daily, and the weak is not allowed to bring a friend to the university even for applying, this is disrespectful!

When the powerful is allowed to leave the university for weeks, and the weak is not permitted for one week go to the USA with reasons, this is disrespectful!

When the powerful is teaching the class, and the weak is asked to leave when he has a question, which does not fit to the powerful’s mood, this is disrespectful!

When the powerful is discriminating among the students, and the weak is asking “WHY”, he should shut up, this is disrespectful!

When the powerful gets more than $3000 per a month for sitting in an office, and the weak has to pay more than $ 5000, this is disrespectful!

When a teacher calls a “He” student “She,” and the powerful does not say anything, this is disrespectful!
When a teacher uses bad words, and the powerful keeps silent, this is disrespectful!!

When I am afraid that I am in danger because of writing this, and the powerful is so strong, this is disrespectful!

I am not disrespectful my friend, disrespecting is here so near to me that I can touch!!!!!!!!

(I know that powerful and weak are adjectives, thanks)

Evaluate Dr. Darcy Wudel, the Dean of Faculty

Darcy Wudel received his B.A. degree in geography and M.A. degree in political science from the University of Alberta. He earned his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Toronto. Prior to joining the faculty at AUIS, he taught at Hampden-Sydney College, Averett University, and Deep Springs College. He has published articles on the political thought of William Shakespeare and Alexis de Tocqueville. He has served as co-editor of two volumes of essays on liberal education. He is currently the Dean of Faculty and the Convener of the Core at AUIS. Now, he is dean of faculty, and he is teaching political science at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani.  

Note// we have gotten this information AUIS catalogue. 

Jan 30, 2012

Afren Company's 30 Milion Dollars And No "Petroleum Engineering Program"

Afren Company


On October 9, 2011- AUIS has announce to have received 30 million dollars from Afren, a gas and oil production company.

Jan 29, 2012

Fun with AUIS: A Conversation between an AUIS Student and Mam Khdir!

              -Salamw A’laik, Mam Khdir!
+Wa Salamw A’laik my son; by the way, are you still a student at the small cabins near Qalawa?
-Yes, but now we are in the new “building”; the one which is the best in the Middle East.
-Oh Mam Khdir, did your son graduate from high school?
+ Yes my son, why are you asking this?
       -Mam Khdir. Honestly, I want you send your son to AUIS because it is the best university ever!
+Hm, how can I know this, my son?
      -Well, there are so many beautiful girls whose grades are above the average, do not get me wrong because they are smart enough to get these grades. The teachers are not giving them randomly.
 - And the books are for free. 
- Oh about the dorms, The dormitory is amazing; there is electricity 24 hours a day, and one has to pay a LITTLE amount of money, which is only $ 70– 90  per a month.
- In addition, there is the most wonderful cafeteria ever in the university.
- The students are too smart; they never think about cheating. Naturally, they HATE cheating, and your son, after graduating from AUI,S, will unspeakably be the prime minster, an Iraqi future ambassador, or at least an MP, which is better than having nothing to do!
+Oh beautiful girls! What if I apply it?
        -No, you cannot, unfortunately, but your son can apply it.
+ But you said “MP”, what does it mean?
-MP means a member of the parliament
+ Hmmm, great, but, can my son study at AUIS for free?
-Well, if you know the boss, then he can study for free!
+ Who is the boss?
-The boss is a politician, or a businessman.
+NO, I know none of them. What is the next solution?
-Ok then money is not a problem, AUIS is tolerant about money. For example, if someone cannot pay money, then they will KINDLY find a sponsor for him.
Or, if there is a smart one, he will be sponsored too.
Or, MONEY is not a problem, as you can see the advertisement for the university in the Kurdish satellites!!
+Ok I got you my son, but can you please tell me why you are doing this? It is like you are getting something for it because you are insisting on it a lot!
-Come-on Mam Khdir, it is not too much, but I have been told that 1. For every friend that is accepted to AUIS – your friend that submits a completed application and passes the English Assessment Exam – you will receive a 10,000-dinar AsiaCell card AND a $10 movie pass to City Cinema!

2. For every two friends enrolled in AUIS – they meet Admissions requirements, pass the English Assessment Exam, and begin classes at AUIS in spring 2012 – you will receive a FREE TEXTBOOK next semester."
Isn’t it awesome?
-I have to go because I have another client to meet. BYE NOW.
-  BUT remember, the good news is your son can do the same business once he starts studying at AUIS. BYE.   

Jan 28, 2012

The Dorms Students: Cold, threat, and insult

An APP Student studying in the rain for his finall exam.  

Student gathering a round a fire spark in a freezing tempreture

Students bring wood to keek the fire.

Dorm students gathering few minitues before the arival of the AUIS delegate who insulted and threatned them.

Inside the dorms.

"what should we do" few minutes before their gathering infornt thier dorm gate.

KNN reporter among the students.

Another students studying for his presentation.

KNN reporter interviwing students.

"its cold, let's build a fire"

"what is going on?" the reporter asked.
Photos by: Damga and Brwa Aziz

"I Don’t Want To Lose My Job"

by: Bahman A. Hassan 
I have heard few instructors saying, “I don’t want to lose my job” or “you don’t have to know my opinion” when students were asking them about their opinion(s). This was strange to me.

Anonymous Comments Are Allowed

Dear Readers,
Student Eye team has decided to start publishing anonymous comments again.

Jan 27, 2012

Evaluate Dr. Athanasios Moulakis, the President of the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani

Dr. Athanasios Moulakis, the President of the American University of Iraq Sulaimani

Dr. Athanasios Moulakis is president and provost of American University Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS), bringing to the university more than 40 years of experience in academia and higher education in the United States, Europe, and Asia.
Dr. Moulakis joined AUIS in September 2010 after serving as chief academic officer, interim president and distinguished professor of Government and International Relations at American University of Afghanistan, Kabul.
He completed a fellowship with the Athens-based Onassis Foundation, and served as an adjunct scholar in South-East European Studies at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, D.C. He also directed the Institute for Mediterranean Studies at the University of Italian Switzerland, Lugano.
Dr. Moulakis has held faculty posts in political science, philosophy, and the humanities at the University of Colorado at Boulder; the European University Institute, Florence, Italy; the London School of Economics; and Ruhr Universität, Bochum, Germany. He has authored and edited numerous books, including Beyond Utility: Liberal Education for a Technological Age, which won the AAC&C Frederick Ness Award for Best Book on Liberal Education and was named  Choice “Outstanding Book of the Year.”
Dr. Moulakis holds a doctorate of philosophy magna cum laude in Political Theory from Ruhr Universität, Bochum, Germany, and MDP Certificate from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He is fluent in English, German, French, Italian and Modern Greek.


Evaluate Dr. Athanasios Moulakis, the President of the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani

Dear AUIS friends, 

We are starting a new project, which is evaluating the professors and faculty at our university, so please feel 

free to say whatever you have about those who will be evaluated. And we will start with Dr. Athanasios 

Moulakis, the president of the university.


Jan 23, 2012


by: Bahman A. Hassan
Since the beginning of history, narrow-minded individuals have brought many ideas ending with "ism".  I am sure, thus far you have encountered some, and ironically mine will be one of them. Like always there will be no topic sentences, proper paragraphs, and there will be lots of “grammatical mistakes".
Now, I am watching Sasha Gray having fun on the iPad that my girlfriend brought to me last summer. Along with watching Sasha Gray, I was thinking about wording a theory. After all, theories are all made of simple words. Yet mine is to have a realistic basis.
"Sasarism" is my new theory. You can quote me for that. Honestly, I have had Hariganism in mind, but let's do the “firsts” first, this if Sasha excuses me.
 Recently, in fact for the last two years, there have been huge demands by the students to attend Dr. John Sasar's courses. Though, it may be normal at the surface, this attracted my attention.
 I followed the case, and here is what I found out.
 I think there is no need to remind you, this is about the America University of Iraq-Sulaimani. In fact what I have found out will not be in the good of all, at least for AUI-S with the "S" or without the "S", but it is worth considering. Students were attending Mr. Sasar's classes, not because of his “method of teaching" but because of his "slothfulness". “Slothfulness" is the word I am using, and I am sorry for it has nasty connotations.
Hardly, in any of his classes a will student stay for the complete period. But, ironically “my Sasha”, he is promoted. He is well known for his “Vietnam" stories. I couldn't believe that, until I saw a video of him narrating stories in class.
 Last year, I wrote a letter to the President, I mean the AUIS President. Later on I decided not to share it. In that letter I wanted to shed light on few of the problems that AUIS students were stuffing from. I hoped that these problems would be "fixed", but unfortunately still students continue suffering from them.
My Sasarism theory continues. The paragraph above was just a “jump” because my Comp instructor “loves it”. So, things never change as it appears. It seems many other instructors are joining Mr. Sasar’s camp. One, actually a “she” instructor, missed five classes. You know why? Well, she is working on her second MBA, “fair enough”. You pay money, “waste your time” and see what students get. Anyway “s”, the fun was that when a student criticized this and the Dean of Faculty strictly silenced him. Yet another copy of Mr. Sasar would be that Comp instructor who said “Just I hate English. It is a strange language”. I thought what a genius man he would be, and how grateful his students must be. I think “Iraqi Future leaders” are lucky. This is terribly funny.
I think my point is clear, if not I can give more examples.  

AUIS Students Go On A Strike

While the temperature was freezing, AUIS dorm students spent half of their nigh outside, in front their dorm gate.  
Last night, because of not having electricity the dorm students gathered in front of Raparin dorms. Students were gathering around a fire that they built on the street in front of the dorms.
Lacking services, electricity in particular, has been a problem for the AUIS students. Students have voiced their problems many times, yet none of them are fixed.
Dispute of not being listened to, students were insulted by the university representative who attended the gathering. Dr. Aso, whose real task is not defined at AUIS, was the universities delegate to speak to the students.
He couldn’t calm the students down, and instead he insulted them and threatened them with not letting them to inter the dorms.
The students’ response was strict, yet the university has not apologized formally for its delegate’s insults and threats. Still the students are suffering and their problems are not addressed.

Photos By: Damga