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Jan 23, 2012


by: Bahman A. Hassan
Since the beginning of history, narrow-minded individuals have brought many ideas ending with "ism".  I am sure, thus far you have encountered some, and ironically mine will be one of them. Like always there will be no topic sentences, proper paragraphs, and there will be lots of “grammatical mistakes".
Now, I am watching Sasha Gray having fun on the iPad that my girlfriend brought to me last summer. Along with watching Sasha Gray, I was thinking about wording a theory. After all, theories are all made of simple words. Yet mine is to have a realistic basis.
"Sasarism" is my new theory. You can quote me for that. Honestly, I have had Hariganism in mind, but let's do the “firsts” first, this if Sasha excuses me.
 Recently, in fact for the last two years, there have been huge demands by the students to attend Dr. John Sasar's courses. Though, it may be normal at the surface, this attracted my attention.
 I followed the case, and here is what I found out.
 I think there is no need to remind you, this is about the America University of Iraq-Sulaimani. In fact what I have found out will not be in the good of all, at least for AUI-S with the "S" or without the "S", but it is worth considering. Students were attending Mr. Sasar's classes, not because of his “method of teaching" but because of his "slothfulness". “Slothfulness" is the word I am using, and I am sorry for it has nasty connotations.
Hardly, in any of his classes a will student stay for the complete period. But, ironically “my Sasha”, he is promoted. He is well known for his “Vietnam" stories. I couldn't believe that, until I saw a video of him narrating stories in class.
 Last year, I wrote a letter to the President, I mean the AUIS President. Later on I decided not to share it. In that letter I wanted to shed light on few of the problems that AUIS students were stuffing from. I hoped that these problems would be "fixed", but unfortunately still students continue suffering from them.
My Sasarism theory continues. The paragraph above was just a “jump” because my Comp instructor “loves it”. So, things never change as it appears. It seems many other instructors are joining Mr. Sasar’s camp. One, actually a “she” instructor, missed five classes. You know why? Well, she is working on her second MBA, “fair enough”. You pay money, “waste your time” and see what students get. Anyway “s”, the fun was that when a student criticized this and the Dean of Faculty strictly silenced him. Yet another copy of Mr. Sasar would be that Comp instructor who said “Just I hate English. It is a strange language”. I thought what a genius man he would be, and how grateful his students must be. I think “Iraqi Future leaders” are lucky. This is terribly funny.
I think my point is clear, if not I can give more examples.  

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2 Comments: on "Sasarism"

Anonymous said...

ad yeyahe yer

Anonymous said...

Just general corrections:
If a person is a "she", several words can be used to denote her gender: female, girl, woman, lady.
If a person is a "he" then male, boy,man, guy etc can be used in the same fashion. In your case, changing the "she professor" to "female professor" would be most appropriate.

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