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May 23, 2012

Harming and Breaking Facilities at the University

Despite criticizing the university for the rooms have to be improved, we have to acknowledge that there are some mistakes done by the students. 

Unfortunately, today, I was provided that some students broke different things, such as holders in the WCs. I was not quite sure until I saw them on my eyes. 

I was surprised by seeing such things done by our students. I believe that our students are much more respectful and trust-worthier than doing such a job. This is not a university student’s job. 

I see Iraq and Kurdistan in the hand of our phenomenal students in the future, so how is it possible to see that done by the students?! 

We all have to feel responsible for the university’s’ facilities because they belong to us not to anyone else; by hurting them, we hurt ourselves. 

We, the students pay a portion of the money which is being spent to build this university, so why do we burn our money by ourselves? Unbelievable!? 

The pictures are eyewitnesses:







May 22, 2012

100,000 Previews

Dashboard of our blog shows one hundred thousand previews. This week the number of Student Eye visitors reached its 100,000.

May 17, 2012

Another Graduation Party at the American University of Iraq Sulaimani

Today, May 17, 2012, another group of the American University of Iraq Sulaimani APP students graduated.

After giving two speeches and congratulating the new undergraduate students by Dr. Moulakis, the president of the university, and Ms. Rosalind, the head of the APP Program, the students were given their accomplished certifications.

The students and teachers beautified the party through a small party.


May 16, 2012

AUIS Students will Boycott the "Blue Cafe"

A group of the AUIS students has decided to boycott the “Blue Café” tomorrow.

According to a source, some of the AUIS students and faculty members will boycott the AUIS cafeteria tomorrow May, 17 2012.

Hersh Said-Gul, an academic student, said that the reason behind the boycott is the bad quality of the food provided.

“The price of the food is too high, and the quality is not decent,” added Mr. Said-Gul.

That is being said that these students and the faculty will not eat in the cafeteria to illustrate their outrage.


Support Your Friends at AUIS

AUIS students are going for a competition in the Microsoft Imagine Cup- the world’s premier student technology competition. 

The AUIS students have come up with a brilliant idea. Their idea is how to hoard environment and reduce CO2.

In other words, they approach the completion by sharing their knowledge through controlling home devices via a mobile phone by turning them off easily and remotely.

Your help guarantees and motivates them to go on.

Here how it works:

1-Open the link below

2- Click on AUIS(Cool Nest)

3-Click and Vote


May 5, 2012

Just Laugh !

By: Bahman A. Hassan

I do not mean it, but just laugh, hhhha.  Are you studying at the American University of Iraq, Suleiman? Hhhhha.  

J hhha laugh. Oh man this tastes like ( )… hhhha
Sir, Just hhhha laugh. It is AUIS!

hhha Barham, I am always laughing, LOL.

Me ?

What About you?
hhha I will laugh.

- hhhha then we are equal!
Yes, we are hhhha.
-Would you please tell Agresto to
laugh with us?

Forget it. Its time to laugh hahahahaahahaha. Don't bother thinking hahahaah. It is always my pleasure to laugh with you hhha
 I did not mean you, Sir. Never mind laugh hahahahahaha
Oh, Sorry. you can laugh with us anymore hahahaah

What about you Karwan? hhahahahaa Join us! hhhha
hhhaahahaha. Stop its time to get angry. hhahahaha

People what are you doing? Are you still with me? Then, laugh hahahahh. It seems crazy, but you can laugh. Hahahahaah.

Mr. Gresk, I could'nt find your photo. Remind me if this is against the policies. hhhha I mean do we have any policy limiting hahahahaha? دزنی ئیمیل if you think this is aganist any policy(ies).

hhahaha, you may ask what is my point. Well, there is no point. Dont get me wrong, just laugh. Be Wrya of plaigrism haaaha.




May 1, 2012

A Public Clarification to All!!

After publishing an article by Bahman Hassan and addressing the second part of his article, we, the Student Eye, have come up with the conclusion of not publishing the second part of the article.

The reason we stop this is to stabilize the current situation at AUIS; the situation seems to be unstable, and that is not what we are seeking for. We are seeking for the best for the university and our dear students.