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May 16, 2012

AUIS Students will Boycott the "Blue Cafe"

A group of the AUIS students has decided to boycott the “Blue Café” tomorrow.

According to a source, some of the AUIS students and faculty members will boycott the AUIS cafeteria tomorrow May, 17 2012.

Hersh Said-Gul, an academic student, said that the reason behind the boycott is the bad quality of the food provided.

“The price of the food is too high, and the quality is not decent,” added Mr. Said-Gul.

That is being said that these students and the faculty will not eat in the cafeteria to illustrate their outrage.

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2 Comments: on "AUIS Students will Boycott the "Blue Cafe""

Anonymous said...

Now this is the first intelligent action I have seen this blog get behind and I can actually figure out what is being said. I am with you on this one!

Anonymous said...

ashadu ama yakam jara qsayaki ma3qul bkan taku esta har bla bla blaman gwe lebua

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