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Sep 9, 2013

Silence Did not Work-out, So let's get back to Action!!

We are really glad to be back to 
school with you all again, and we 
would love to congratulate you for
 the New Year of school. 

As it’s clear that we worked so
 hard, as the Student Eye, team
 -in the past- to make 
AUIS a better place and 
we criticized exceedingly.

Although we were called trouble-makers and were competed by "some," we still did what we were supposed to do.   

Then we took a break and push back as a spring for awhile to see how things would be, but it is time to come back because big changes are yet to come. 

So for that very reason, we would love to happily announce that we, the Student Eye, team members are on the road of coming back to the stage with a new cast of writers, and we would be more than happy if there is anyone ready to give help even anonymously.

For further information contact the following email address:

Mar 12, 2013

We need an Anti-Terror Club!

By: Bahman A. Hassan
It is becoming fashionable; anyone with a bite of wit will establish a club at AUIS. I don’t know why, but it looks as if being fun. I don’t have to remind you. You are most likely a member of a club or two at AUIS. So, take this post easy and see through the point.

Feb 26, 2013

Sulaimani is not "Culture Capital of AUIS"

Since some people are busy talking JOURNALISM CLASSES, I have to raise few points. Feel free to curse or even punch me in the face- if needed. Probably, it is my duty to criticize, and this comes from my sincere love and respect. I hope it is not taken personal- if it does ….

This is an article published in the AUIS’s “only student paper”. Make sure you see what is written in the area I circled. This is More than a mistake… Just … and …

It is time for this people to stop taking photos while eating. It is time to work… Don’t make any mistakes FUTURE LRESDERS.    


I hope you understand my point.
A snapshot of  a page of the Voice, a paper published at the American University of Iraq Sulaimani


Nov 23, 2012

Back to the “Filthy Game”

by: Bahman A. Hassan 
From the beginning of Fall semester, I wanted to quite writing about the lacks that the American University of Iraq have. Eventually, I am persuaded of the necessity of having few words to be said. The Irony is that this “wine is too old”.

Oct 3, 2012

"Losers" You Are Infected

by: Bahman A. Hassan
My first semester at AUI, S started with a quite interesting orientation event.  We all met in a small lecture room and a big guy with a more CIA-like face came forward to welcome us. That big guy was James Harriagan. He forgot to welcome us, because he interested more in insulting us- still many follow his footmark.
He started by complaining about plagiarism.  Harrigan argued that plagiarism was and is “part of” the region’s “culture”.  For him, plagiarism was “another frontier” which needed “direct U.S. involvement”. Unlucky Harrigan failed to fight back and teach “Iraqi future leaders” not to plagiarize. Despite what he did, plagiarism continued to PROSPER.
His successors came up with more tech-based fantasy solutions, yet they failed to uproot plagiarism in the mind of “multi-Iraq future spearheads”. Plagiarism remained to be discussed. But “it appears” that this semester is the “anti- plagiarism campaigns” are stopped. None of my “professors” has mentioned plagiarism 
                            (PROBABLY THE CULTURE IS DEAD OR OUT OF CONTROL).

NOW to the fun part!  AUI, S failed to “combat” plagiarism. Ironically, WE HAVE TAUGHT AUI,S to plagiarize. Copying others works without permission of the author is the most admired definition of plagiarism at AUI, S. Based on this definition, AUI, S, from top to bottom, is “guilty of committing plagiarism”. For Harrigan, there was eleven commandments instead of ten, and the eleventh one was, “THEE SHALL NOT PLAIGRIZE”.
Now, AUI, S is not only losing plagiarism frontier, yet people of the PRESIDENCY are plagiarizing- “lossers” as my professor usually call us. If you pay a visit to the book store, you can get copies of any book you want- isn’t that plagiarism? Recently AUI, S due to unclear reasons, has started copying copyrighted books. If you pay a visit to the BOOK STORE (THIS SHOULD BE CALLED ILLIGAL COPYING STORE) you will see piles of books have been copied by the university staff. This comes as an effort to cover the delay of receiving the original books.  
 After four weeks the “books are not all in” (meaning in the book store not somewhere else). According to the JOCKS we have heard, the books are on vacation. Last week, AUI, S books were in Iran for a short while (May be Romney has sent them there to salute Khamnai). Then they disappeared. Ironically, they again showed up in Arbil, but they didn’t stay there too long. PAUSE,

Oh boy,
NOW, Far From Plagiarism. I used to know a GIRL, but recently I found OUT she is “Having AN (PLURAL) affair with an instructor”- Mr. Gresk may see this as libel, BUT sorry EVEN YOU ARE TRYING TO PROVE THIS. GOOD LUCK….IF YOU want conduct an investigation on this, I am interested- KEEP me Up dated.



Sep 24, 2012

What Do You See?

This photo is taken by the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani’s staff. The gentleman in this photo is Paul Sutphin,  the Consul General of the United States, and it is taken when he was at AUI, S. Our comment is not on his angelic smile, but we rather want to have you to think with us about few points.

Look at nothing, but at the Consul’s hands. What is he holding?

Here are few hints: AUI, S Admission Guidance. 

I.                   The AUI, S...It  is without the comma between the “I” and the “S”

II.                A bit below, you see Bryan Smith. What does that remind you of? Why did AUI, S dismiss him? What justifications did they give? Did anyone believe them? Why did he say " I know a lot with which I can close this institution" before his departure. What did he know but we don't know?

III.             There is only Arabic on the Admission Guidance. What does it mean? Probably ….

IV.             It is out dated. One of the students shown on the cover is dismissed. Two others of them, at the top, are graduated. They don’t represent AUI, S- at all.

V.                Check carefully, you can see more.

Oh boy we are very zol.


Evaluate Mr. Geoffrey Gresk

Mr. Geoffrey Gresk got his M.P.H. at the Johns Hopkins University, and he successfully got his B.S. at the Grand Valley State University. 
Mr. Gresk joined the American University of Iraq Sulaimani in 2009, and, at the first place, he taught level 1 of what was called "EWPI" Program.

His capabilities made the administration rethink of his position, so now he teaches Comparative Environmental Policy at the Academic Program.

Besides teaching, Mr. Gresk is leading the Academic Integrity Office at the American University of Iraq Sulaimani.