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Sep 24, 2012

What Do You See?

This photo is taken by the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani’s staff. The gentleman in this photo is Paul Sutphin,  the Consul General of the United States, and it is taken when he was at AUI, S. Our comment is not on his angelic smile, but we rather want to have you to think with us about few points.

Look at nothing, but at the Consul’s hands. What is he holding?

Here are few hints: AUI, S Admission Guidance. 

I.                   The AUI, S...It  is without the comma between the “I” and the “S”

II.                A bit below, you see Bryan Smith. What does that remind you of? Why did AUI, S dismiss him? What justifications did they give? Did anyone believe them? Why did he say " I know a lot with which I can close this institution" before his departure. What did he know but we don't know?

III.             There is only Arabic on the Admission Guidance. What does it mean? Probably ….

IV.             It is out dated. One of the students shown on the cover is dismissed. Two others of them, at the top, are graduated. They don’t represent AUI, S- at all.

V.                Check carefully, you can see more.

Oh boy we are very zol.

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Anonymous said...

You're ridiculously paranoid. He probably only wanted to see some photos of the university and students because he visited when there were no students on campus. Relax.

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