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Feb 29, 2012

AUIS Students will Gather on Thursday

In an event posted on Facebook, all AUIS students are invited to partake in a public gathering on Thursday.

The event, as claimed, is to remind AUIS the “forgotten” role that should have in the decisions made by AUIS. 

“AUIS does not care about us, students, so we will gather to put a limit for what AUIS is doing, and if there is a need for anything, we are ready to do,” said one of the organizers. 

The following is the content of the message sent to the students:

“Dear Friends at AUIS,

As we know that our university has forgotten that we are the students of this university while making new decisions. And the situations, in all of the aspects, are getting worse day after day. For this reason, we would like to inform all of the AUI...S students to have a meeting on Thursday to share our ideas as the students, and to put a limit for the extensive decisions of the university.

Please come with your ideas to see what we should do against these unacceptable decisions that are made daily.

Location: Cafeteria

Time: 12:30

Date: Thursday

Your participation will be well appreciated. “

Feb 27, 2012

Let’s Find the Rooster!

Once upon a time, there was a family in a diminutive village! And there was a burglar who used to embezzle anything he could. Once, THE rooster of the family was stolen, and the children told the breadwinner, the father, the news. The father passionately and sadly said “go and find the roster; there will be more after it otherwise!”

The children laughed and thought that their father had been nuts for ordering to find an invaluable thing, a rooster!

After a month, THE goat got stolen, and the children said to their father the news. The father merely said “go and find the roster!”

The children became astounded because they had told him the news of stealing the goat, yet their father was talking about the rooster; “what a crazy man,” said the children with a barmy and wild voice.
After three months, the cow got stolen, and as the other times the children told their father the news of losing the caw.

But the father was insisting of finding the rooster!!

Finally, the broken car, which they used for everything, was stolen, and the father was still saying “go and find the rooster.”

The children eagerly asked “father, we have been telling you all the news about whatever we lost, but the rooster was your only concern; can you tell us why?”

The father said “if you had found the rooster, the others would not have been stolen because a thief always starts from small to big!”

I think that our case in the American University of Iraq Sulaimani is perfectly the same because we have chosen silence for almost all of the decisions that were made by the administration.

If we had not accepted the first $100 dollars for the dorm’s invoice at the first place, the payment of the books would not have been added to it.

The payment for the new dorms would not have been added to it; the payment for printing would not have been added to it.

And the bad news is that it is not done. I am sure that there will be much more inappropriate changes without considering the students’ circumstances!

 I am sure there are some students who are not in capable of providing their needs monthly, yet justifications are not taken as considerations.

My eyes are not merely on money, but when I am talking about money, I mean corruption in all of the departments.

I see what the circumstances of some of the students look like, and I see that the university is increasing all of the prices in contrast. I do not know how that works!!!!

Karwan Gaznay is an International Studies student at AUIS

Feb 21, 2012

Fun with AUIS

Look at the new prices at AUIS, REALLY CHEAP!!!


1-“Printing a paper                           

2) Entering the university                    

3) Going to the president’s room                         

4) Going to a professor’s room                    
5) Going to a class in the foreground                    

6) Going to the class in the upstairs          
7) Talking to a friend                                
8) Talking to a girl           
9) Smiling                     
10) Going to the library         
11) Checking a book           
12) Checking a calculator         
13) Copying a paper                  
14) Going to the cafeteria                
15)Eating in the cafeteria               
16) Going to the bathrooms                                

1) only 0.10 cents”

2 ) $2, so try to come only 
when you have important classes

3) Sorry never

4) It depends on the certification

5) $1 it is near

 6) $2 because you will
 use the stairs or elevator

7) 0.5 cents, this is the best discounting

8) $5, sorry no more girls

9) 0.3 cents, try to not smile a lot, please

10) 0.15 cents because 
there are thousands of books

11) 0.50 cents, we don’t do it anyway 

12) $1, or you can buy one

13) 0.50 cents

14) $1 because it is new

15) Do you have a bank? 
If not, go to somewhere else

16) It depends on what you will do!

For more information, please contact me, but there will be no changes because this is the last decision!!!!
This is the cheapest price ever with the comparison to the other universities in Iraq, and you can check to make sure that.

We will update you with the newest prices.


Feb 20, 2012

From the Student Eye to the AUIS Students

As we are approaching to the spring semester, we appreciatively congratulate all of the efforts you, students, have put to achieve your accomplishments throughout your study AUIS hitherto.

We also congratulate the new academic students, and we encourage those who did not have the chance of passing last semester to maintain working to get the goal of being academic students next semester.

In addition, we intend to insure you that we will maintain to illustrate the truths and fight for your rights.

Above all, we respectfully ask the AUIS administration to rethink of the students’ issues and provide the students with the best serves.

With starting the new semester, we will start our activities in a new and effective way.  

Your voice is engraved in our hearts,
Student Eye


Feb 16, 2012

After training, negotiating, and preparing leaders from all Iraq for 2 years, yesterday on February 13-14, the first conference of Negotiating and Solving Problems was held in the Mam & Zin Hotel in Sulamnai. 

The conference was funded by Mercy Corps, a NGO from USA.  Grant Ennis, the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer of NINE, said that the point of having the conference is electing a body to represent the Iraqi people, and this body will be responsible for solving the economic, political, and social problems among the Iraqi people.

“There are different types of people in this conference; there are political members, social leaders, and so on,” added Grant.

The participants of the conference believed that this conference will successfully solve the Iraqi peoples’ problems.

Shex Wahed, a member of the conference, said “we are from different cites of Iraq, and we work together for the sake of succeeding the body, which will be chosen by the participants,” a member of Social Problem Solving in Duhok.

From the other side, Sa’ad Al-Khalidi, the Program Manger of NINE, said that the main center of Iraqi Center for Conflict Managing will be in Baghdad, and there will be branches in different cities of Iraq.

The members of the conference guaranty solving problems academically and successfully.Ala Kamal, the head of media of the conference, said “we have solved approximately 130 political issues in Iraq.”

The conference maintained for two days, and in the second day the body was elected, and the below 8 people were elected as the body;

1-      Dr. Salama Khafaji
2-      Madiha Al-Musawe
3-      Dr. Mahir Hamid
4-      JAfer Al- Musawe
5-      Dlshad Al-Zebare
6-      Rizgar Haji
7-      Sa’ad Salih Khaldi

Karwan Gaznay


Feb 4, 2012

An Open Letter to The Student Services Coordinator

An Open Letter to AUIS Student Services Coordinator

To the AUIS Student Services Coordinator
Dear Madam,

Over the last two months, I have heard dormitory students complaining. I didn’t believe them at the beginning, because I thought they are studying at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani. How can, I thought, they complain without any reasons!

It turned out that they have real reasons. They didn’t have electricity while they were rioting in front of the dorms. I thought it is normal, yet when the university’s delegate disrespected the students and threatened them. Then I thought there must be something wrong.

During the Harigan’s realm, we, students, had been accused of embracing a culture, which I called the culture of plagiarism. Unfortunately, Mr. Jeoffrey Gresk, the Integrity officer, repeated the same mistake. This has never been part of this culture, and students never have a culture of that tittle. And now you are heading to accuse us of embracing another culture, “culture of disrespectfulness”.  

We, students, are building a culture in which facts are speaking not false assumption based on Facebook reports. We are building a culture, in which we respectfully pursuit knowledge, not respectfully seeking disrespectfulness.  
Dear Madam, this, as you seem to be concerned about respect, is not acceptable. This has been accepted because of the students’ fragile position. When one is failing in taking his/her position adequately, it’s not the students’ fault. More precisely, when you are more interested in baseball courts and forgetting the students’ needs, insulting or labeling them is as disrespectful as accusing dorm delegates of being disrespectful.

You may have different interpretation for my claim, yet my claim is humble. Students are part of educational institutions. Disrespecting them, as you did and many other AUIS members form the lady in Finance Department, Integrity Officer to the boy working on the copy-machines, is disrespecting the entire institution. In other words, perhaps more simply, disrespecting students is disrespecting the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani. Are you allowed to do so?
It is time to consider this claim, and the university must formally apologize for the following accusations.
1.      Disrespecting and threatening the student body, dormitory students in particular.

2.      Re- addressing the cheating and plagiarism policies, and apologizing for the accusations being formulated by the instructors and the Integrity Officer.


Bahman A. Hassan

Bahman A. Hassan is a student of International Studies at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani.

Feb 3, 2012

Having Exams in the Day of the Prophet's Birthday makes Students Angry

Although the Directorate of Islamic Affairs in Sulaimani declared Sunday, February 5th as a holiday to respect the birth of the prophet of Muslims, Muhammad (PBUH), the American University of Iraq Sulaimani sent its last schedule for the exams.

Thus, that frustrated some of the students. Ismail Kamal Aziz, an engineering student from Rania, said “I am ready to take the exam on Friday, but the day must be taken off as a respect for the anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).”

“Although some of the students do not care about the anniversary, the university should take it as considerations because that shows a great respect for the Muslims of the university,” said Rizgar Hussain from Rania, an APP student.

And some of the students see the decision as discrimination. “Why do they have holiday for 23 days for the birth of Prophet Jesus (PBUH), but they do not think that our prophet’s anniversary is worth even one day,” said Hawta Ramadan from Bzyan.

Note/ we did not have the chance of interviewing the teachers because of the weekend; sorry for that.  


My Poor Dream

I am tired, and I want to have some sleep. I go to bed and immediately fall asleep. As usual, I change dreams from one to another: soft dreams. Gradually, I feel something really soft and kind of cool.
 Oh, yah. What a tranquil dream! I think, think, and think to know where I am. It seems that I am at a beach in Hawaii.
No, no.
That is not possible. I hear people speaking in Kurdish and Arabic, and it is getting really cold. It is freezing. So, where am I? I might be Jack Dawson on Titanic. Titanic has split, and now I am in the freezing Pacific Ocean.
No, no.
That is not also possible. I do not hear Rose’s voice, nor do I feel her soft hands. Damn! Where am I? Antarctica might have moved to Sulaimani. No, no. That’s not true, because I do not feel penguins around. Damn! Where am I? I wake up.
 Oh, no! No!
I am at a window-canyon at AUI-S dorms! Water has passed through the window and made a canyon. Now, my bed and I am floating on the water. Have a nice trip.

Brwa Aziz is a business student at the American University of Iraq Sulaimani