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Feb 29, 2012

AUIS Students will Gather on Thursday

In an event posted on Facebook, all AUIS students are invited to partake in a public gathering on Thursday.

The event, as claimed, is to remind AUIS the “forgotten” role that should have in the decisions made by AUIS. 

“AUIS does not care about us, students, so we will gather to put a limit for what AUIS is doing, and if there is a need for anything, we are ready to do,” said one of the organizers. 

The following is the content of the message sent to the students:

“Dear Friends at AUIS,

As we know that our university has forgotten that we are the students of this university while making new decisions. And the situations, in all of the aspects, are getting worse day after day. For this reason, we would like to inform all of the AUI...S students to have a meeting on Thursday to share our ideas as the students, and to put a limit for the extensive decisions of the university.

Please come with your ideas to see what we should do against these unacceptable decisions that are made daily.

Location: Cafeteria

Time: 12:30

Date: Thursday

Your participation will be well appreciated. “

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1 Comments: on "AUIS Students will Gather on Thursday"

Anonymous said...

Examples? Agenda? As usual incredibly disorganized so hope it's as successful as the last 300

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