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Feb 27, 2012

Let’s Find the Rooster!

Once upon a time, there was a family in a diminutive village! And there was a burglar who used to embezzle anything he could. Once, THE rooster of the family was stolen, and the children told the breadwinner, the father, the news. The father passionately and sadly said “go and find the roster; there will be more after it otherwise!”

The children laughed and thought that their father had been nuts for ordering to find an invaluable thing, a rooster!

After a month, THE goat got stolen, and the children said to their father the news. The father merely said “go and find the roster!”

The children became astounded because they had told him the news of stealing the goat, yet their father was talking about the rooster; “what a crazy man,” said the children with a barmy and wild voice.
After three months, the cow got stolen, and as the other times the children told their father the news of losing the caw.

But the father was insisting of finding the rooster!!

Finally, the broken car, which they used for everything, was stolen, and the father was still saying “go and find the rooster.”

The children eagerly asked “father, we have been telling you all the news about whatever we lost, but the rooster was your only concern; can you tell us why?”

The father said “if you had found the rooster, the others would not have been stolen because a thief always starts from small to big!”

I think that our case in the American University of Iraq Sulaimani is perfectly the same because we have chosen silence for almost all of the decisions that were made by the administration.

If we had not accepted the first $100 dollars for the dorm’s invoice at the first place, the payment of the books would not have been added to it.

The payment for the new dorms would not have been added to it; the payment for printing would not have been added to it.

And the bad news is that it is not done. I am sure that there will be much more inappropriate changes without considering the students’ circumstances!

 I am sure there are some students who are not in capable of providing their needs monthly, yet justifications are not taken as considerations.

My eyes are not merely on money, but when I am talking about money, I mean corruption in all of the departments.

I see what the circumstances of some of the students look like, and I see that the university is increasing all of the prices in contrast. I do not know how that works!!!!

Karwan Gaznay is an International Studies student at AUIS

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8 Comments: on "Let’s Find the Rooster!"

Iraqi Society blogger - مدونة المجتمع العراقي said...

This is not only in your university, but in all the provinces

Anonymous said...

These are getting worse. Try harder.

Anonymous said...

AUIS students should work and stop complaining about little extra money that was added in the last year or so. You never get anything for free. This is how life works. look at other places in the world and see how much students are paying. no matter how poor a student can be, he or she can find a part-time job to cover his or her own living expenses and the dorm fee. the English language skill is enough to help them find jobs if they look carefully. I personally live in the dorm and don't like to pay a penny. But this is not about what I like and what I do not like. and I cannot choose to do what I like and ignore what I do not like if I could I would never stop for a red light because i do not like it.

Anonymous said...

I don’t want to say you are wrong, nor do I support you because you have to fight not write! Any way it is a well written article.

Student Eye said...

Dear Anonymous 2,

This is a clarification for all who think in a way that I am complaining about the money for printing.
First, the printing thing is not my main concern, and I know it is a small thing. BUT, the dorms issue is driving me crazy, and I am sure, as I mentioned in the article, there will more terrible decisions.
Second, we are not only complaining; we are giving solutions to the university whenever we should, but there should be someone who cares about what we say first.
Thanks for your concerning.

Anonymous said...

karwan gyan baxwa i agree with you AUIS is just about money nothing more than it

Anonymous said...

Dast xosh mam Karwan. I think there is a theif,who I am very sure is a kurdish who works there, behind these silly desicions. He or she does that just because to stay in his position or to get some gain. He doesnt know that will be done, and the only thing will remain to him is SHAME "Rw rashy"
Here, I am saying those who gonna pay that amount for the dorm fee are valueless people. And one day will come they will also be RW RASH.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but I couldn't see where the rooster got paid. And what about the goat? We don't want to leave the goats out. Someone told me that the goats are the root of all this. But i heard the chief rooster gets paid them most, though. Over 100,000 USD per month! I think we should protest against the roosters and support the goats! But who is going to pay the goats?

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