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Nov 23, 2012

Back to the “Filthy Game”

by: Bahman A. Hassan 
From the beginning of Fall semester, I wanted to quite writing about the lacks that the American University of Iraq have. Eventually, I am persuaded of the necessity of having few words to be said. The Irony is that this “wine is too old”.

Oct 3, 2012

"Losers" You Are Infected

by: Bahman A. Hassan
My first semester at AUI, S started with a quite interesting orientation event.  We all met in a small lecture room and a big guy with a more CIA-like face came forward to welcome us. That big guy was James Harriagan. He forgot to welcome us, because he interested more in insulting us- still many follow his footmark.
He started by complaining about plagiarism.  Harrigan argued that plagiarism was and is “part of” the region’s “culture”.  For him, plagiarism was “another frontier” which needed “direct U.S. involvement”. Unlucky Harrigan failed to fight back and teach “Iraqi future leaders” not to plagiarize. Despite what he did, plagiarism continued to PROSPER.
His successors came up with more tech-based fantasy solutions, yet they failed to uproot plagiarism in the mind of “multi-Iraq future spearheads”. Plagiarism remained to be discussed. But “it appears” that this semester is the “anti- plagiarism campaigns” are stopped. None of my “professors” has mentioned plagiarism 
                            (PROBABLY THE CULTURE IS DEAD OR OUT OF CONTROL).

NOW to the fun part!  AUI, S failed to “combat” plagiarism. Ironically, WE HAVE TAUGHT AUI,S to plagiarize. Copying others works without permission of the author is the most admired definition of plagiarism at AUI, S. Based on this definition, AUI, S, from top to bottom, is “guilty of committing plagiarism”. For Harrigan, there was eleven commandments instead of ten, and the eleventh one was, “THEE SHALL NOT PLAIGRIZE”.
Now, AUI, S is not only losing plagiarism frontier, yet people of the PRESIDENCY are plagiarizing- “lossers” as my professor usually call us. If you pay a visit to the book store, you can get copies of any book you want- isn’t that plagiarism? Recently AUI, S due to unclear reasons, has started copying copyrighted books. If you pay a visit to the BOOK STORE (THIS SHOULD BE CALLED ILLIGAL COPYING STORE) you will see piles of books have been copied by the university staff. This comes as an effort to cover the delay of receiving the original books.  
 After four weeks the “books are not all in” (meaning in the book store not somewhere else). According to the JOCKS we have heard, the books are on vacation. Last week, AUI, S books were in Iran for a short while (May be Romney has sent them there to salute Khamnai). Then they disappeared. Ironically, they again showed up in Arbil, but they didn’t stay there too long. PAUSE,

Oh boy,
NOW, Far From Plagiarism. I used to know a GIRL, but recently I found OUT she is “Having AN (PLURAL) affair with an instructor”- Mr. Gresk may see this as libel, BUT sorry EVEN YOU ARE TRYING TO PROVE THIS. GOOD LUCK….IF YOU want conduct an investigation on this, I am interested- KEEP me Up dated.



Sep 24, 2012

What Do You See?

This photo is taken by the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani’s staff. The gentleman in this photo is Paul Sutphin,  the Consul General of the United States, and it is taken when he was at AUI, S. Our comment is not on his angelic smile, but we rather want to have you to think with us about few points.

Look at nothing, but at the Consul’s hands. What is he holding?

Here are few hints: AUI, S Admission Guidance. 

I.                   The AUI, S...It  is without the comma between the “I” and the “S”

II.                A bit below, you see Bryan Smith. What does that remind you of? Why did AUI, S dismiss him? What justifications did they give? Did anyone believe them? Why did he say " I know a lot with which I can close this institution" before his departure. What did he know but we don't know?

III.             There is only Arabic on the Admission Guidance. What does it mean? Probably ….

IV.             It is out dated. One of the students shown on the cover is dismissed. Two others of them, at the top, are graduated. They don’t represent AUI, S- at all.

V.                Check carefully, you can see more.

Oh boy we are very zol.


Evaluate Mr. Geoffrey Gresk

Mr. Geoffrey Gresk got his M.P.H. at the Johns Hopkins University, and he successfully got his B.S. at the Grand Valley State University. 
Mr. Gresk joined the American University of Iraq Sulaimani in 2009, and, at the first place, he taught level 1 of what was called "EWPI" Program.

His capabilities made the administration rethink of his position, so now he teaches Comparative Environmental Policy at the Academic Program.

Besides teaching, Mr. Gresk is leading the Academic Integrity Office at the American University of Iraq Sulaimani. 


Sep 23, 2012

Fun with AUIS

Mr. Asitos

AUIS has started copying the books that are on the way. Asitos: “That’s plagiarism; we will send them to Mr. Geoff.” 

After a long meeting AUIS community has decide to close the stairs of the left doors, for students will walk to the MR. MANGERS’s door in order to see and investigate them whether they are students. And according to the same rule, the doors will be closed after 11 pm.  Asitos: “He is new, after one more month, the manger will come back after 11 pm.”
After thinking over the summer break, AUIS has made another decision; no students will allow riding the bus unless they show their University ID to the bus driver. Asitos: “we want to make sure if there is a terrorist!”
Asitos wrote in his diary “I swear, I swear and I swear AUIS will provide students with the new dorms for the coming semester.”  

Asitos has a teacher whose eyes are on the clock in the left side of the room, and Asitos has suggested to move the clock from the left side to the back of the room, for Mr. ---- s’ eyes will rest for a while

One of the Asitos’ teachers told him that he does not have to care about homework until the books will arrive. Asitos: “So, be sure that the books will never arrive, but we have two options; we can COPY them, or forget about H.W!”

AUIS has replaced Azad Ali with a new faculty who is as sweet as honey. Asitos: “he is so cute though, and I pray for him to be blessed by the Almighty.” 

Asitos has a teacher who will never let her students fall into a sleep in the class because she tells great jokes. Asitos: “She is fine because she has only five students; I doubt even Einstein can manage a 1:30 minutes class with five students!!!!” 

Asitos’s lab teacher practices her English even outside of the class. Asitos “Good, practicing English is always a good thing to do.” 

An Asitos’s friend decided to boycott the cafeteria because the prices 
are different from one person to another. Asitos” Don’t waste your time; you can either eat or shut up.”

Karwan Gaznay

Sep 13, 2012

Congratulations of the New Year of Studying

We would like to send our warm greetings and prolific wishes hand in hand with the   hope of a great year for all of the students of AUI,S.

We are happy to serve you with the facts we have in hands to land the ship of our university in a better place and to enhance the awareness of the brilliant students of our university.

We promise again to maintain on the holy path we have taken to target our aim, which is improving our university, and we long to see the university taking our comments and writings as considerations.

We will fight for our loyal students’ rights and  will praise the developments make by our remarkable university.

Look forward to see our activities..

Best of Luck,
Student Eye

May 23, 2012

Harming and Breaking Facilities at the University

Despite criticizing the university for the rooms have to be improved, we have to acknowledge that there are some mistakes done by the students. 

Unfortunately, today, I was provided that some students broke different things, such as holders in the WCs. I was not quite sure until I saw them on my eyes. 

I was surprised by seeing such things done by our students. I believe that our students are much more respectful and trust-worthier than doing such a job. This is not a university student’s job. 

I see Iraq and Kurdistan in the hand of our phenomenal students in the future, so how is it possible to see that done by the students?! 

We all have to feel responsible for the university’s’ facilities because they belong to us not to anyone else; by hurting them, we hurt ourselves. 

We, the students pay a portion of the money which is being spent to build this university, so why do we burn our money by ourselves? Unbelievable!? 

The pictures are eyewitnesses:







May 22, 2012

100,000 Previews

Dashboard of our blog shows one hundred thousand previews. This week the number of Student Eye visitors reached its 100,000.

May 17, 2012

Another Graduation Party at the American University of Iraq Sulaimani

Today, May 17, 2012, another group of the American University of Iraq Sulaimani APP students graduated.

After giving two speeches and congratulating the new undergraduate students by Dr. Moulakis, the president of the university, and Ms. Rosalind, the head of the APP Program, the students were given their accomplished certifications.

The students and teachers beautified the party through a small party.


May 16, 2012

AUIS Students will Boycott the "Blue Cafe"

A group of the AUIS students has decided to boycott the “Blue Café” tomorrow.

According to a source, some of the AUIS students and faculty members will boycott the AUIS cafeteria tomorrow May, 17 2012.

Hersh Said-Gul, an academic student, said that the reason behind the boycott is the bad quality of the food provided.

“The price of the food is too high, and the quality is not decent,” added Mr. Said-Gul.

That is being said that these students and the faculty will not eat in the cafeteria to illustrate their outrage.


Support Your Friends at AUIS

AUIS students are going for a competition in the Microsoft Imagine Cup- the world’s premier student technology competition. 

The AUIS students have come up with a brilliant idea. Their idea is how to hoard environment and reduce CO2.

In other words, they approach the completion by sharing their knowledge through controlling home devices via a mobile phone by turning them off easily and remotely.

Your help guarantees and motivates them to go on.

Here how it works:

1-Open the link below

2- Click on AUIS(Cool Nest)

3-Click and Vote


May 5, 2012

Just Laugh !

By: Bahman A. Hassan

I do not mean it, but just laugh, hhhha.  Are you studying at the American University of Iraq, Suleiman? Hhhhha.  

J hhha laugh. Oh man this tastes like ( )… hhhha
Sir, Just hhhha laugh. It is AUIS!

hhha Barham, I am always laughing, LOL.

Me ?

What About you?
hhha I will laugh.

- hhhha then we are equal!
Yes, we are hhhha.
-Would you please tell Agresto to
laugh with us?

Forget it. Its time to laugh hahahahaahahaha. Don't bother thinking hahahaah. It is always my pleasure to laugh with you hhha
 I did not mean you, Sir. Never mind laugh hahahahahaha
Oh, Sorry. you can laugh with us anymore hahahaah

What about you Karwan? hhahahahaa Join us! hhhha
hhhaahahaha. Stop its time to get angry. hhahahaha

People what are you doing? Are you still with me? Then, laugh hahahahh. It seems crazy, but you can laugh. Hahahahaah.

Mr. Gresk, I could'nt find your photo. Remind me if this is against the policies. hhhha I mean do we have any policy limiting hahahahaha? دزنی ئیمیل if you think this is aganist any policy(ies).

hhahaha, you may ask what is my point. Well, there is no point. Dont get me wrong, just laugh. Be Wrya of plaigrism haaaha.




May 1, 2012

A Public Clarification to All!!

After publishing an article by Bahman Hassan and addressing the second part of his article, we, the Student Eye, have come up with the conclusion of not publishing the second part of the article.

The reason we stop this is to stabilize the current situation at AUIS; the situation seems to be unstable, and that is not what we are seeking for. We are seeking for the best for the university and our dear students.

Apr 30, 2012

Wudel Will not Apologize to Smith

Dr. Darcy Wudel The Dean of Faculty of Americn University of Iraq Sulaimani.

Today in a meeting with a group of IS students, Dr. Darcy Wudel, AUIS Dean of Faculty, avoids apologizing to Dr. Bryan Smith. This comes when a student asked, “will Mr. Wudel apologize to Mr. Smith in case the accusations against him turned out to be baseless?” The dean answered “No, because this is according to the procedures. We don’t have to apologize to anyone”.

Apr 29, 2012

Part I: The Tyranny of Wudel: Grazing is For the Obedient

by: Bahman A. Hassan
Those who study politics and philosophy seriously lose when they practice “the knowledge they possess”. They, due to being over skeptic, lose reality to the illusory “matters”. They, those who want to be called “philosophers”, may know the art (art of ruling), but make no use of it when comes to practice.  It is like doctors, some may learn the art but lack practicality. Ironically, like Socrates was reminded, they are “worthless at best”. When they are given chances to rule, they consciously or unconsciously establish tyrannies. As an illustration, I will take Darcy Wudel’s Tyranny at the American University of Iraq Sulaimani.

In his headquarter in the second floor of “Building B”; license of grazing is given to the “loyalists”-only. If you know how to remain near the tyrant, you will be fine. By your loyalty, which is a character found in all tyrannical regimes,


On contrary, any one stands in the way of the “tyrant” will be marginalized, expelled or worse “defamed”. Your social status and job depend on your relation with the “Tyrant. The closer you are the better and more secured you will be. Like my father’s “employment” of my mother- may be other women as well- tyrants give their wives high positions, because “they are trustworthy”.   

 For a long time, in fact, from the time Mr. Wudel responded my friend with “FUCK YOU, I AM NOT READY TO LISTEN TO YOU” when he asked a question, I wanted to show my deep concern. No one might remember this, yet this followed by more dramatic stories. No one, so far, had “muscle in his under belly” to show the discrepancies. Things went from bad higher to worse. As the man, however with a new tittle, took Harrigan’s place failed to control the rudder.

Tyrants’ beginnings are all the same. They come at a time when the place they later rule is recovering from a lost. The same happened at the American University of Iraq Sulaimani. When James Harrigan offered fare well, anyone with a new face- even Bahman- could take his place. If this illustration is not clear, please consider the next.

I presume, you all have read Animal Farm by George Orwell, and you may remember the ruling elite of the house. Napoleon - the pig who emerges as the leader of the “Rebellion”, was the only available “dish on the minus”. The same happened at AUIS. Similarly to the farm, “no soul” had time or wit to predict the possible outcomes, yet they set the boat of a tyrant to sail with a man who has “no knowledge of the seas”.   

To prove these please stay with us. Stories of The Tyranny of Wudel: Grazing is For the Obedient will continue!


The Tyrant, Peter Friedrich's Scandal vs. Bryan Smith's Accusation.  

Apr 10, 2012

Evaluate Dr.Robert Ssarracino

 Dr. Sarracino graduated from the University of Victoria with a Ph.D. in Physics (General Relativity).

For a long time, Dr. Sarracino has taught courses in most branches of physics, and in selected areas of applied mathematics:  electrodynamics, classical mechanics, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, vibrations and waves, continuum mechanics, vector Calculus, selected topics in numerical analysis (particularly Discrete Element analysis and Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics), and detonation physics.

For a while, he worked in South Africa on a special numerical model to simulate the effects of blasting in rock, and later worked on models simulating the mechanical breakdown of rock in grinding mills, which comprise the first stage in ore processing.

In Los Alamos, Mr. Robert formed a small mathematics consulting company, and became interested in deep-source geothermal energy.

His outside interests include the interface & harmony between science and religion.

Dr. Saracino is teaching Mathematics II and Statistics now at the American University of Iraq Sulaimani.

Evaluate Dr. Robert Saracino.


Apr 3, 2012

Wrong Behaviors Follow by Strict Policies

 By: Bahman Hassan

In order to reduce students’ waste of its resources, starting form spring semester, AUIS has decided to charge students for printing services. This policy made many angry, yet it comes rightly to serve a true purpose. Students used to print pages and page and never used them. I have personally seen students printing books, and never thinking what might happen.  I leave you with these shocking photos that being taken by AUIS IT department and SET team. By the end I hope students will understand their wrong action will always follow by strict policies.  

Students were priniting papers without evern reading their headings.

Is it realy computer labs for?
What is going on, who is fault is this?

Is the way you want your work station to be?

The student left, but what he/she needed and printed is still there?
I hope this time my point is clear.

Apr 1, 2012

Clothing Donation for the Qalawa Refugee

There are always some people who need our help, and we can save them easily if we want to. This is the time.  Ms. Rachel and Mr. Geoffrey are going to hold an event to donate the Qalawa refugee camp.  For additional information, read the below email by Leah McNall, Student Services Coordinator.

“A message from Ms. Rachel Laribee and Mr. Geoffrey Gresk:

Dear students,

We are organizing a clothing donation drive for the Qalawa refugee camp.  We will be leaving AUIS and heading to the camp onFriday, April 13th at 12:00pm.  Anyone who is interested in helping is more than welcome to come along.  

If any of you would still like to contribute to the clothing drive, simply leave a bag in office B-F2-37 (Rosalind's and Rachel's office) or in office B-F2-07 (Geoff Gresk's office).

Much thanks to all for your time and support.

 ~Rachel and Geoff”

Helping needed people is always proving humanity.