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May 22, 2012

100,000 Previews

Dashboard of our blog shows one hundred thousand previews. This week the number of Student Eye visitors reached its 100,000.

Past two years have been a huge expectance for us and this must continue. Here we want to thank anyone supported, criticized, or even insulted us.

Our readers have taught us a lot, and we apologize for not meeting all their needs. This small blog from us is participated in many incredible changes, and we promise to continue.

Today, however, some still continue insulting us, limiting our freedom, and make false cases against us, we want to assure you of our humble goal, which is a better and more prosper AUIS.

If this message has not been delivered well to you, perhaps future works form SET will clear your visions.

From now on, we will show AUIS’s problems in a different fashion. We put our fingers on the problems we see, and momentarily thank positive efforts.

Form today on, we will anonymously post the problems as we see them. Yet we will provide the university with, names, time, whys and we will try to give suggestion to the administration.

With this we don’t defame anyone, but the problems will be projected the way they are and suggestion will be presented from the perspective of students.

Hopefully this will help AUIS to better its administration and educational environment.

Again thanks for your support,

Best Regards,


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