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Mar 31, 2012

Fun with AUIS!

By Asitos

Sentences are not related!!
# Asitos has a teacher in the APP program. His teacher with a soft and proud smile told him in class to not write negative points while evaluating him in the end of the semester because the outcome of his negative comments is a five minute “LAUHGING AT ASITOS.”
# Asitos was chosen at the student of the month at AUIS, so he was interviewed because of this victory. He said that he is glad to get this accomplishment as the student of the month! For journalists, in public he answered the question of depicting the reason why he was chosen. “Hm, let me tell you why I was chosen! But first let me look at around to make sure there is not Ms. She, she will not chose me for the next time, otherwise,” said Asitos.
“I have been chosen because I have visited so many of my teachers’ offices, and I have talked to them softly. Plus, I have done my homework!! Don’t tell me this is not related, because it’s related in some senses,” added Asitos.
# Asito’s politics teacher gave them an exam, which students had no idea about the question. What is funnier is no one was allowed to ask what the word meant, so what they did was writing whatever they knew then pray to have the right answer!! Asitos: pleas pray for me. 
# Someone, yesterday, asked Asitos to know whom his favorite teacher is at AUIS in the APP program, and Asitos mentioned Mr. C. Guess why! Because he is the funniest one, and Mr. C tells hilarious jokes, he he he he!
# What about the economic class; they told me that a teacher had solely TWO students in one of his sections, and one day they had a quiz, but the teacher and his students had only one pen; I think it is better than nothing! Asitos: I hope AUIS will provide us with pens. Ne ne ne ne.
# Have you ever, accidentally, gone to the AUIS lectures? Oh my God, Asitos once went, and he saw 5000 students but without the zeros! AsitosTo you my friends!
# Asitos has a Math teacher who is so funny, and he makes fun of the students. Asitos: well, math is dry, so we have to do something with it!
# Yesterday an Asito’s friend at AUIS was fainted, you know why? Because his teacher told him that he is “The Complainer and Trouble Maker,” and he was surprised because he thought that he was serving AUIS so far!! Asitos messaged his fainted friend and wrote “Welcome to AUIS period.”
# Asitos directed a question to his History teacher; he got a great answer “I have not prepared myself for this semester, and I have not chosen this book for you.” Don’t worry Asitos: I think he will MEMOARIZE the book for the next semester.
#Asitos was anonymously told that he will be charged for parking his car at the AUIS’s garage, so Asitos decided to sell his car.
# Asitos has a friend who knows the answers what she asks in class, and Asitos counts that as “participation!”

# Asitos has a class which is like a café; students in the back discuss different topics and some even sing. Asitos: good singers, he he he he.

# Asitos has a teacher who doesn’t accept students’ ideas. Asitos: that’s why AUIS teaches “Liberal Arts.”

# Asitos is bankrupt because of the cafeteria of his university, so has decided to boycott the cafeteria!

Asitos means "Ahol"


Mar 29, 2012

Evaluate Professor Richard Laribee


Richard Laribee is one of the professors at the American University of Iraq Sulaimnai. Professor Laribee is well-known for his nice manner with the students, and students are in love with hi classes because of his hilarious jokes and respectful behaviour besides his excellent way of teaching in class. Prof. Richard teaches two courses at AUIS: World Religions and World and European History I. 

Evaluate Prof. Richard in words. 

Mar 27, 2012

AUIS Film Series Starts

On March 27, 2012, the American University of Iraq Sulaimani is going to open its first Film Series. 

According to an email sent by Dr Darcy Wudel, the Dean of Faculty,  AUIS will show its first film today, and Mr. Wudel is going to host the first film.

As it is mentioned in the email, “The Hidden Fortress” by “David Ehrenstein,” will be screened at the first day, and there will be different films at the same time in the following weeks. 

Mar 26, 2012

Three AUIS Dorms’ Students Stuck in the Elevator!!

Today, three AUIS dormitory students, whi do not want to publicize thier names, stuck in the elevator of the dorms for 5 minutes.

One of the students who was in the elevator said that he was about suffocating, but finally the door of the elevator was miraculously opened!

“We were going to call to the manger of the dorms, but thank God the door was opened,” said another student.

It’s being said that the dorms student’s elevator has just been fixed, and this is the first issue like that after the using the elevator about ten days.  

"States Sovereignty and the Responsibility to Protect"


Today, Monday 26 March, Mr. Sokol Kondi, Manager of the Regional Head Office of the UN in the Kurdistan Region, lectured on "States Sovereignty and the Responsibility to Protect.”

After giving a brief introduction about Mr. Kondi by Dr. Bryan Smith, Skol Kondi gave a clear introduction about the Untied Nation and its role in the world generally, and in this region particularly.

The lecture was a question and answer session, and also students argued some essential points with Mr. Kondi related to the region.


Mar 20, 2012

Happy Nawro

 Happy Nawroz to all of the AUIS members, including students and faculty, and we hope you enjoy it!


Mar 15, 2012

The Story of a Son Who Found His Real Family after 22 years from himself, Zmnako Muhammad

Zmnako Muhammad is from Hallabg. Zmnako was taken by the Iranian soldiers to Iran on March, 16 1988, and he has lost his family except his mom. Zmnako has written the below story. 


        Two days after the mortal chemical bombardment of Halabja in 16 March, 1988, an Iranian airplane brought some of the Halabjian injured to Mashhad, North East of Iran. A boy of three months was among them. He was delivered to the care of an orphanage. In the orphanage, a widow was who was another victim of the Iran-Iraq war cared for the “Dandelion,” a flower seed who had blown over the border. By and by, the woman became attached to the baby. The nurse turned into Dandelion’s mother.
        Years passed. Dandelion had a pleasant home life, but he experienced many problems in his adopted culture. The Dandelion had drifted into a society where he had no civil rights or citizenship. Since his mother didn’t have a husband, according to local law, she couldn’t get Iranian nationality for Dandelion whom the woman named Ali. She loved Ali as her own sons, and told him the story of how he had come to live with her.
  Dandelion in his adopted mother's arms
  In 1991
        Occasionally, Dandelion would sit in a corner of a room and wonder why he didn’t have a father, or why he never knew the father he once had. “For which sin,” he wondered, “was this punishment?” He didn’t understand why he lacked this essential thing that all the other children around him possessed. After an hour of crying, Dandelion would wipe the tears away and resume his life. His adopted family wasn’t rich, but love and kindness do not let them to think about their poverty.
                                        Ali with his adopted mother, 2000

        Dandelion’s life passed well enough, until one awful day when the boy went to visit Tehran and a cousin phoned him and said, “Your mother had an accident and now she is in the hospital.” Ali quickly returned to Mashhad and went directly to the hospital where his mother was. When he saw his mother, he caressed her face. He was sad but certain that his mother would not be ill long and soon return home.
        A month went by. Sadly, the doctors offered grim news about the dandelion’s mother: An infection in her leg had gotten so bad that it was necessary to take a drastic step: “We must cut off her leg above her knee,” said the surgeon.
        After four more days, on the morning of 7 January, 2007, a nurse called Ali and said, “Your mother doesn’t have good health. You must come to the hospital.” When he arrived to the hospital, Dandelion saw his mother’s nurse and she said, “Your mother died this morning with the morning prayer.” That was the worst news in his life. This wasn’t believable for him. He just cried. He didn’t have any other person in the universe. The only things that remained from his mother were old glasses, her prayer beads and a shawl. Dandelion closed his eyes when his mother was buried.
        The hardest part of Dandelion’s life began. After his mother died, he was accepted in university. But because he didn’t have enough money, he couldn’t continue his study. He was living alone. He couldn’t study or have a good job because he didn’t have Iranian nationality. He struggled to stay alive. Many days he cried for three hours. He still had his question, “For which sin?” He had lost two families, one of them in Halabja and one of them in Iran.
        Four years passed. One day his friends in Tehran phoned him and said, “One of the Kurdish ministers is here and you can meet her.” Dandelion was very happy to hear this news. One afternoon, Ali saw the minister and she said, “There are many families in Halabja that lost their babies March 16.” She invited Ali to go to Kurdistan. In his heart, a bright light shone. He said to himself, “Maybe my father or my mother is alive and maybe I can know who my family is.”
        After two months, Dandelion came to Kurdistan and was welcomed by people and the press. On the first day he went to Halabja. He was very glad because he saw his town and his people, and he cried. Forty-two families had lost their children in the 1988 massacre. Among them, just five families had a child the same age as Ali. The only way to connect Ali to a family was by DNA test. The test result came after a month. That month was very hard for Dandelion.
First time Ali arrives to his city Halabja after 22 years,
And mayor of the city greeting him
        Everyone came to know what the test result was. All of them waited. Dandelion just had his phone in his hand and saw his mother’s picture in that. He thought about his mother and just cried. That moment came and a man began to read the test result. He read the name, “Fatima Mohammad Saleh.” Dandelion didn’t know how to react to his true mother when he met her. First he kissed her hands and caressed her face. Everyone cried.
        After the crowd departed, Ali was alone with his new mother. His first question was about his father. His mother began to cry. After that she gave Dandelion seven pictures. One of them was his father and one of them was his sister. Other pictures were his brothers’ pictures and of course a photo of himself when he was three months. Dandelion learned his real name was Zmnako. Then he went to Halabja cemetery and saw his grave stone. There, he removed his name from the names of victims in Halabja to show that he is alive.
   Dandelion's name removed from his grave stone by a green box
        Maybe after reading this history, you will think this is just a story and is not true. But this story is true and now Dandelion has lived with his new family for 3 years in Sulaimani. He is an undergraduate student at the American University of Iraq-Sulimany.
        He wishes all the world peace and prosperity. He believes Halabja was an event that happened in a day, but the grief is in Halabjian hearts forever. Dandelion believed that the bombardment of his city should be recognized as genocide. He does not want this tragedy to be repeated in anywhere in the world.  
Dandelion is with his mother now but other families still haven’t found their children. 5000 people died, and 10000 of his people injured by the brutal attack from the dictator regime of Saddam in March 16, 1988. Saddam Hussein died, but in every year in March 16 many drops of tears come down from Halabjian people’s eyes. 42 families have lost their children, and they are waiting for another Dandelion to come back. Still Dandelion has this very old question: “For which sin?”
Dandelion's Family

 This is  the memory of Zmnako, Ali, and Student Eye will give more explanation about Zmnako's life in a report. 

Mar 6, 2012

Voting for Your Friends will be Appreciated!

After announcing that the Global Case Challenge, an international organization, is offering $ 1million for helping underprivileged children in the new developed countries, a group of AUIS students participated to challenge this competition for the sake of supporting the children of our country! Rawaz Jamal, one of the members of the competition, said that their goal is helping the children of our country. “Participating in this competition is also a message of encouragement for the adults to participate such competitions in the future,” added Azad Fatah, another member of the group.  “The students vote means a lot to us, and it also enhances the chance of obtaining the price,” added Mr. Jamal.

The below link is where you can vote for them, and we hope that all of the AUIS students vote for them to encourage their ambition for participating in this holy project.


Mar 3, 2012

May God Bless Your Souls

With a deep sorrow, we heard the news of killing teacher Jeremiah Small, in the Media Private School, and his student Bayer Sarwar; our compassion for this loss goes to all of their members of their families, and we hope that their souls rest in peace. 
We share a special condolence with both of their families, and we will pray for them both.

Student Eye 

A Clarification

Unfortunately, some people are trying to take advantages from our gathering on Thursday at the American university of Iraq Sulaimani near to the cafeteria by saying that we, students, were insulting the others because a teacher was killed in the day of holding the meeting, and we were “demonstrating.”

Firstly, we did not know that the teacher was killed, and the event was created one night before that happened.

Secondly, it was not a demonstration, but it was a small gathering in which students expressed their anger against some new rues of the university.

Finally, we hope that no one takes this as personal because, again, holding this meeting on Thursday had 
nothing to with killing the teacher.


Student Eye Team