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Mar 26, 2012

"States Sovereignty and the Responsibility to Protect"


Today, Monday 26 March, Mr. Sokol Kondi, Manager of the Regional Head Office of the UN in the Kurdistan Region, lectured on "States Sovereignty and the Responsibility to Protect.”

After giving a brief introduction about Mr. Kondi by Dr. Bryan Smith, Skol Kondi gave a clear introduction about the Untied Nation and its role in the world generally, and in this region particularly.

The lecture was a question and answer session, and also students argued some essential points with Mr. Kondi related to the region.

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5 Comments: on ""States Sovereignty and the Responsibility to Protect""

Anonymous said...

how many students were there????

Anonymous said...

these lectures are very important, but they are not held in a proper time, so that's why not so many students attend!!

Anonymous said...

I hope that the university bring more people like him to the univesity

Anonymous said...

it was a nice lecture, but Dr. Bryan didnt let Karwan finish his talk; i am sure he had a lot to say. I was there in the lecture, and i enjoy it a lot.

Anonymous said...

There will rarely be a time that suits everybody, but I am interested to know what you would consider a proper time. This would be helpful information for future events.

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