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Mar 26, 2012

Three AUIS Dorms’ Students Stuck in the Elevator!!

Today, three AUIS dormitory students, whi do not want to publicize thier names, stuck in the elevator of the dorms for 5 minutes.

One of the students who was in the elevator said that he was about suffocating, but finally the door of the elevator was miraculously opened!

“We were going to call to the manger of the dorms, but thank God the door was opened,” said another student.

It’s being said that the dorms student’s elevator has just been fixed, and this is the first issue like that after the using the elevator about ten days.  

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4 Comments: on "Three AUIS Dorms’ Students Stuck in the Elevator!!"

Anonymous said...

This is news?

Anonymous said...

dont worry Karwan gyan, that is AUIS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why did not you guys try to say "OPEN SESAME"?

Anonymous said...

WOW such a dramatic event. thank god every one got out of it safely. thank you for reporting this important news, very dramatic and life-changing.

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