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Oct 24, 2011

First Democratic Elections Held at AUIS

On Sunday, October 23r, 2011, tens of students came together to elect the President and the executive body of the Engineering and Math club. 

Due to the heated competition between the candidates prior to the day of elections, a notieable number of AUIS student body was present to vote. 

After brief speeches by Dr. Robert Sarracino, AUIS professor, and the candidates, the election process began. 

The executive body of the club was to consist of 5 members, but there were only three candidates. Upon repeated calls from Dr. Sarracino for the girls to nominate themselves, two girls nominated themselves. 

After the election, candidates agreed on the best way to count the votes. After knowing that there were 8 extra votes, it was decided that the margin of difference between the first and the second winner will decide the fate of the elections. 

After counting the votes by a committee of four people, the results were announced in front of the candidates and some of the curious voters. 

The results were as follows:

Dana Khalid            42 votes
Twana Ahmed        25 votes 
Zana Jaff                 15 votes 
Shilan                      4 votes
Hiba                        1 vote 

Thus, Dana Khalid was elected as the president of the Math and Engineering club. 

It is worth mentioning that it was for the first time that a democratic election was held openly at the American University of Iraq-Sulamani. 

Oct 21, 2011

Breaking News: Fire at the AUI-S Boys Dormitory

The aftermath of playing with the fire extinguisher 

On Tuesday, October 21st, 2011, at 1:30 am,  some AUIS dorm students in Raparin district near to the new campus, called for help after seeing thick smoke in their dormitory rooms. The smoke was thought to be resulted from a fire.

Darya Ali, the dormitory supevisor who was called by the dorm students, drove immediately to the dorms.

Fortunate enough, the smoke was not resulted from fire, but from the childish act of some dorm students who had rushed the fire extinguisher.

The dorm students got angry over this act and asked Mr. Darya to act immediately against those who have done it. After a short investigation, it became clear that two drunk students had done that.

Mr. Darya, after speaking with the ones committing the guilt, promised dorm students to report this horrible act to the AUIS administration

Sarbast Majeed, an AUIS dorm student, told Student Eye that it is not enough to punish them.

"This is not the first time that we are destructed. We have come here to study and enjoy a calm life in the dorms. We want immediate measures against these acts,'' he said.

The false fire alarm caused great panic among some of the dormitory students.

Sarbast, who was also harmed by the false fire alarm, said that the dorms need fire escape.

"In the moments of panic, we realized that we don't have the most necessary thing at the time of fire or any other accident, and that is fire escape. We ask the administration to get us fire escape as soon as possible,'' he explained.

Mr. Darya Ali advised dorm students to be respectful to each other and not surpass others' rights.

"This is a place for respectful students only and there is no place for those who don't know who to act in a civilized way with their fellow dorm mates,'' he emphasized.

photos: Sarbast Majeed 

Oct 20, 2011

Dana Khalid Nominated for the Math and Engineering Club Presidency

Dana Khalid while solving a Math problem in the old campus garden

Dana Khalid, and AUI-S sophomore majoring Math and Engineering, is nominated to be the first president of the Math and Engineering club.

On Sunday, October 23, 2011, the Math and Engineering club will hold elections to elect the first president of the club. The election process will be held at 12:00 pm in the basement, B1-11.

Dana Khalid, promises his friends to do his best to promote the club and get students' rights. He says that he will work with his fellow friends and faculty members to help Engineering majors.

Dana Khalid works as a volunteer in the Math tutoring centers and helps students who need help in Math-related topics.

He has also had special classes last semester for students who needed Math tutoring.

Oct 7, 2011

Welcome back to College!

Student Eye staff has warm congratulations for all the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani students, both academic and APP.

We hope that the new school year will be the right time for achieving some of what are trying to get.

Student Eye starts a new phase of its activities with the beginning of the new school year hoping to help AUI-S students, faculty and administration through the news and opinions pieces published on the blog.

Welcome back to college!