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Mar 31, 2012

Fun with AUIS!

By Asitos

Sentences are not related!!
# Asitos has a teacher in the APP program. His teacher with a soft and proud smile told him in class to not write negative points while evaluating him in the end of the semester because the outcome of his negative comments is a five minute “LAUHGING AT ASITOS.”
# Asitos was chosen at the student of the month at AUIS, so he was interviewed because of this victory. He said that he is glad to get this accomplishment as the student of the month! For journalists, in public he answered the question of depicting the reason why he was chosen. “Hm, let me tell you why I was chosen! But first let me look at around to make sure there is not Ms. She, she will not chose me for the next time, otherwise,” said Asitos.
“I have been chosen because I have visited so many of my teachers’ offices, and I have talked to them softly. Plus, I have done my homework!! Don’t tell me this is not related, because it’s related in some senses,” added Asitos.
# Asito’s politics teacher gave them an exam, which students had no idea about the question. What is funnier is no one was allowed to ask what the word meant, so what they did was writing whatever they knew then pray to have the right answer!! Asitos: pleas pray for me. 
# Someone, yesterday, asked Asitos to know whom his favorite teacher is at AUIS in the APP program, and Asitos mentioned Mr. C. Guess why! Because he is the funniest one, and Mr. C tells hilarious jokes, he he he he!
# What about the economic class; they told me that a teacher had solely TWO students in one of his sections, and one day they had a quiz, but the teacher and his students had only one pen; I think it is better than nothing! Asitos: I hope AUIS will provide us with pens. Ne ne ne ne.
# Have you ever, accidentally, gone to the AUIS lectures? Oh my God, Asitos once went, and he saw 5000 students but without the zeros! AsitosTo you my friends!
# Asitos has a Math teacher who is so funny, and he makes fun of the students. Asitos: well, math is dry, so we have to do something with it!
# Yesterday an Asito’s friend at AUIS was fainted, you know why? Because his teacher told him that he is “The Complainer and Trouble Maker,” and he was surprised because he thought that he was serving AUIS so far!! Asitos messaged his fainted friend and wrote “Welcome to AUIS period.”
# Asitos directed a question to his History teacher; he got a great answer “I have not prepared myself for this semester, and I have not chosen this book for you.” Don’t worry Asitos: I think he will MEMOARIZE the book for the next semester.
#Asitos was anonymously told that he will be charged for parking his car at the AUIS’s garage, so Asitos decided to sell his car.
# Asitos has a friend who knows the answers what she asks in class, and Asitos counts that as “participation!”

# Asitos has a class which is like a café; students in the back discuss different topics and some even sing. Asitos: good singers, he he he he.

# Asitos has a teacher who doesn’t accept students’ ideas. Asitos: that’s why AUIS teaches “Liberal Arts.”

# Asitos is bankrupt because of the cafeteria of his university, so has decided to boycott the cafeteria!

Asitos means "Ahol"

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8 Comments: on "Fun with AUIS!"

Anonymous said...

It does make sense, man, good job.

Anonymous said...

It is meaningful.

Anonymous said...

it is toooooooo funny Karwn, weldone.

Anonymous said...

we are really proud of you Karwan

Anonymous said...

Although we are not friends, I am really happy you are one of the students of this university. I am really proud of you Gaznay, and I wish all the best. I am with you.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Student Eye said...

My dear friend, the last anonymous,

I deleted your comment not because i didn't like it, but because it was in Kurdish and there were some bad words. So could you please translate to English, then send it again?

Karwan Gaznay

Anonymous said...

well done. Mr. Asitos

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