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Apr 1, 2012

Clothing Donation for the Qalawa Refugee

There are always some people who need our help, and we can save them easily if we want to. This is the time.  Ms. Rachel and Mr. Geoffrey are going to hold an event to donate the Qalawa refugee camp.  For additional information, read the below email by Leah McNall, Student Services Coordinator.

“A message from Ms. Rachel Laribee and Mr. Geoffrey Gresk:

Dear students,

We are organizing a clothing donation drive for the Qalawa refugee camp.  We will be leaving AUIS and heading to the camp onFriday, April 13th at 12:00pm.  Anyone who is interested in helping is more than welcome to come along.  

If any of you would still like to contribute to the clothing drive, simply leave a bag in office B-F2-37 (Rosalind's and Rachel's office) or in office B-F2-07 (Geoff Gresk's office).

Much thanks to all for your time and support.

 ~Rachel and Geoff”

Helping needed people is always proving humanity. 

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5 Comments: on "Clothing Donation for the Qalawa Refugee"

Anonymous said...

i am really surprised you write about Qalawa!It's not your job

Anonymous said...

they said that you have personal problems with Geff, so why do you ad for him. it is a foolish idea!

Anonymous said...

Weldone, karwan, never think what people say; just do what you have to do.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha. what's the connection between Qalawa and India!!!!!!! seriously man??? Hindi picture!!! REALLY.

Anonymous said...

Very Nice of You to post it here. So many students can know about it....But the picture has nothing to do with Qalawa camp.

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