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Apr 3, 2012

Wrong Behaviors Follow by Strict Policies

 By: Bahman Hassan

In order to reduce students’ waste of its resources, starting form spring semester, AUIS has decided to charge students for printing services. This policy made many angry, yet it comes rightly to serve a true purpose. Students used to print pages and page and never used them. I have personally seen students printing books, and never thinking what might happen.  I leave you with these shocking photos that being taken by AUIS IT department and SET team. By the end I hope students will understand their wrong action will always follow by strict policies.  

Students were priniting papers without evern reading their headings.

Is it realy computer labs for?
What is going on, who is fault is this?

Is the way you want your work station to be?

The student left, but what he/she needed and printed is still there?
I hope this time my point is clear.

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3 Comments: on "Wrong Behaviors Follow by Strict Policies"

Anonymous said...

This would have never happened during the days Misel Jevtic was the Director of IT.. ...... ...........

Anonymous said...

What would have never happened in the Misel Jevtic's time?

Excessive printing or policies with a logic? or students now working together working with IT department for a better cause.

In other words what are you suggesting is it better now or was it better in the past?

Anonymous said...

bahmani barez yake nazane xot zor sharifi .. sarchaway gandallle la zanko janabtet

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