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Mar 3, 2012

May God Bless Your Souls

With a deep sorrow, we heard the news of killing teacher Jeremiah Small, in the Media Private School, and his student Bayer Sarwar; our compassion for this loss goes to all of their members of their families, and we hope that their souls rest in peace. 
We share a special condolence with both of their families, and we will pray for them both.

Student Eye 

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4 Comments: on "May God Bless Your Souls"

Anonymous said...

You share a special condolence? You were complaining about AUIS in the cafeteria all morning, right in front of crying students. You even refused to stop and said Jeremiah had nothing to do with you. So respectful.

Anonymous said...

it's school of the MEDES not Media


You guys are such a joke.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that there is no mention of the intimately related facts that Bayer Sarwar is guilty of both murder and suicide, and that Jeremiah Small was his victim.

Anonymous said...

i'm sad to hear that both this teacher and a Kurdish student are dead in such way. but there is another theme that is interesting in this story : check this guys the boy " the killer is 17 tears old and is from Talabany family , so there is not much that can be said or know about him , but it is "America" it will not stay silent for such event. plus, they say that the guy was working for counter terror force. but he was only 17 , and anyone under 18 cannot hold guns. + the teacher, we are mostly sad for him , i think that he was truly a victim , but the teachers in Medes all are working as missionaries of Christianity , yet there is nothing to do about it .when we can see our kids graduating from this university , we see how dangerous this is for us as Muslims in a Muslim country . so this even will make the Medes to be afraid . i hope so . the true reason is unknown , yet the people from Talabany family claim that he killled the teacher for religious reasons . God protect our country

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