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Sep 23, 2012

Fun with AUIS

Mr. Asitos

AUIS has started copying the books that are on the way. Asitos: “That’s plagiarism; we will send them to Mr. Geoff.” 

After a long meeting AUIS community has decide to close the stairs of the left doors, for students will walk to the MR. MANGERS’s door in order to see and investigate them whether they are students. And according to the same rule, the doors will be closed after 11 pm.  Asitos: “He is new, after one more month, the manger will come back after 11 pm.”
After thinking over the summer break, AUIS has made another decision; no students will allow riding the bus unless they show their University ID to the bus driver. Asitos: “we want to make sure if there is a terrorist!”
Asitos wrote in his diary “I swear, I swear and I swear AUIS will provide students with the new dorms for the coming semester.”  

Asitos has a teacher whose eyes are on the clock in the left side of the room, and Asitos has suggested to move the clock from the left side to the back of the room, for Mr. ---- s’ eyes will rest for a while

One of the Asitos’ teachers told him that he does not have to care about homework until the books will arrive. Asitos: “So, be sure that the books will never arrive, but we have two options; we can COPY them, or forget about H.W!”

AUIS has replaced Azad Ali with a new faculty who is as sweet as honey. Asitos: “he is so cute though, and I pray for him to be blessed by the Almighty.” 

Asitos has a teacher who will never let her students fall into a sleep in the class because she tells great jokes. Asitos: “She is fine because she has only five students; I doubt even Einstein can manage a 1:30 minutes class with five students!!!!” 

Asitos’s lab teacher practices her English even outside of the class. Asitos “Good, practicing English is always a good thing to do.” 

An Asitos’s friend decided to boycott the cafeteria because the prices 
are different from one person to another. Asitos” Don’t waste your time; you can either eat or shut up.”

Karwan Gaznay

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4 Comments: on "Fun with AUIS "

Anonymous said...

extremely low quality of writing. I couldn't go with the choppy and meaningless sentences, so I got bored.

Anonymous said...

karwan i am reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy proud of you, well said

Anonymous said...

i though u have given up, but now i see the hope coming back to us; u are still alive

Anonymous said...

great job karwan. i can see some of your points easily

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