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May 1, 2012

A Public Clarification to All!!

After publishing an article by Bahman Hassan and addressing the second part of his article, we, the Student Eye, have come up with the conclusion of not publishing the second part of the article.

The reason we stop this is to stabilize the current situation at AUIS; the situation seems to be unstable, and that is not what we are seeking for. We are seeking for the best for the university and our dear students.

Although that might bring different perspectives about us, such as “cowards” or “wises,” we will be pending the second part for the mean time anyway.

Again, we are doing so for the sake of the stability of the university, but the does not mean that we will not maintain. 

We do maintain on the our holy path we have taken, and we ensure you that we, Student Eye, are ready to serve you- dear students- as much as we can. We will never be silent to speak out for the truth and to fight for you inalienable rights.

We know that some of us are angry for some reasons, but that is what we have to do for now.

Your Courage is the Dynamo for the Continuation of our Work.
Karwan Gaznay 

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10 Comments: on "A Public Clarification to All!!"

Anonymous said...

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I know that...Bahman got one warning already.The second part means the second warning and kicking Bahman out at the American University of Iraq Sulaimani . It is better to leave the Peter's part for the students to find out...

Anonymous said...

you are not only cowards once but also many times! I am afraid that you think yourself as wise or brave; you're too far from that. Respect yourself for being respected otherwise we will kick you out of the uni.

Anonymous said...

Karwan well-done, I am really proud of you, and we totally understand why you are doing this. Don’t listen to those who think you are cowards because i wish all of the ASUI students were as brave as you are. Go on my friend.

Anonymous said...

weldone bro; it is a good descion

Anonymous said...

I am proud of you karwan

Anonymous said...

dont worry karwan gyan, there are always such people, you are so brave that i am ashamed to not fight besides you.


Anonymous said...

you are doing great Karwan and Bahman; we know what you are doing, and we do understand you guys.

Anonymous said...

oh Americans walla walla most of them are useless and pretend that they are very important.

Anonymous said...

If most Americans are so useless then why do you study at a University run by them? Why don't you go back to your very useful village?

Anonymous said...

so gutless. where is your freedom of speech now? so you get to decide what we can read? Get a backbone.

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