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May 5, 2012

Just Laugh !

By: Bahman A. Hassan

I do not mean it, but just laugh, hhhha.  Are you studying at the American University of Iraq, Suleiman? Hhhhha.  

J hhha laugh. Oh man this tastes like ( )… hhhha
Sir, Just hhhha laugh. It is AUIS!

hhha Barham, I am always laughing, LOL.

Me ?

What About you?
hhha I will laugh.

- hhhha then we are equal!
Yes, we are hhhha.
-Would you please tell Agresto to
laugh with us?

Forget it. Its time to laugh hahahahaahahaha. Don't bother thinking hahahaah. It is always my pleasure to laugh with you hhha
 I did not mean you, Sir. Never mind laugh hahahahahaha
Oh, Sorry. you can laugh with us anymore hahahaah

What about you Karwan? hhahahahaa Join us! hhhha
hhhaahahaha. Stop its time to get angry. hhahahaha

People what are you doing? Are you still with me? Then, laugh hahahahh. It seems crazy, but you can laugh. Hahahahaah.

Mr. Gresk, I could'nt find your photo. Remind me if this is against the policies. hhhha I mean do we have any policy limiting hahahahaha? دزنی ئیمیل if you think this is aganist any policy(ies).

hhahaha, you may ask what is my point. Well, there is no point. Dont get me wrong, just laugh. Be Wrya of plaigrism haaaha.



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12 Comments: on "Just Laugh !"

Anonymous said...

Big hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

Not only Silly, It was Super, Super Super Super Silly...

Anonymous said...

Do you think you are funny Bahman? Even YOU yourself don't know what you are talking about...


Anonymous said...

Laugh on yourself... Stop doing (Mastaw) by putting Karwan's photo in between others... LOOSER

Anonymous said...

karwan is a gentleman, and I am surprised he is working with you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Laugh at what? your silliness, KARWAN please do not work with thos guy anymoreeeeeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

Bahman gyan let's laugh together forever

Anonymous said...

hatew karwan to zor aqlw tegaeshtwet, etr vhet dawa law bloga

Anonymous said...

i dont get this, u have put all of these imprtant peoples' pics,including Karwan, what is thi Bahman>>???????????

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Bahman,

I think you have issues. Why don't you see a psychologist??? If you hate this University so much! leave it and go somewhere else. And if you wanna get popular, trust me you will be like the leader of the Donkeys Party.

Anonymous said...

oh boy. you can still change, bahman.

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