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Feb 3, 2012

My Poor Dream

I am tired, and I want to have some sleep. I go to bed and immediately fall asleep. As usual, I change dreams from one to another: soft dreams. Gradually, I feel something really soft and kind of cool.
 Oh, yah. What a tranquil dream! I think, think, and think to know where I am. It seems that I am at a beach in Hawaii.
No, no.
That is not possible. I hear people speaking in Kurdish and Arabic, and it is getting really cold. It is freezing. So, where am I? I might be Jack Dawson on Titanic. Titanic has split, and now I am in the freezing Pacific Ocean.
No, no.
That is not also possible. I do not hear Rose’s voice, nor do I feel her soft hands. Damn! Where am I? Antarctica might have moved to Sulaimani. No, no. That’s not true, because I do not feel penguins around. Damn! Where am I? I wake up.
 Oh, no! No!
I am at a window-canyon at AUI-S dorms! Water has passed through the window and made a canyon. Now, my bed and I am floating on the water. Have a nice trip.

Brwa Aziz is a business student at the American University of Iraq Sulaimani 

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6 Comments: on "My Poor Dream"

Anonymous said...

waw, we will never recover from AUI-S diseace.. nicely done

Dara Ali said...

That's awesome Rebaz giyan...you know what, it is just fine to be there since you have to pay only $70 per month...
I guess, seeing a canyon costa thousands of dollars...yet, you have to pay only $70.

Do you know what guys, AUIS's reputation has been staggered due to dorms conditions. My roommate's family were here and saw the appalling conditions of the dorms. When coming up to the 4th floor, the old lady was about to faint due to the stares...!

Rebaz giyan, good job...I hope things get better in the dorms next year-if not, next decade...!

Anonymous said...

Me, too, man......

Anonymous said...

hhhhhhhhhhhhhh nice dream... keep dreaming till 2020 when the dorms are done.

Anonymous said...

This is supposed to be sad, but I'm lauging :(

Anonymous said...

The goverment office gave the holiday only 3 days ago therefore dont blame anybody else!

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