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Jan 31, 2012

So Respectful!!

Disrespecting is speaking for itself in anywhere, where the powerful is stronger than the weak!!!
When the weak cannot do anything against the disrespectful actions of the powerful, and the powerful does not care about anything accept his interests, this is disrespectful.  

When the weak is asked to pay or leave, and the powerful is not listening, this is disrespectful!

When the powerful does not care about the weak, and the weak is about dying, this is disrespectful!

When the powerful is asking for finding jobs and equating United States with Kurdistan, and the weak doesn’t have enough money even to spend monthly, this is disrespectful!

When the weak is asked for $70 per month, and the powerful is wasting money for useless things, this is disrespectful!

When the powerful is giving the cafeteria for free to the rich people, and the weak is asked for paying an acceptable amount of money, this is disrespectful!

When the weak is asking for his rights politely, and he is ignored by the powerful, this is disrespectful!

When the powerful brings someone to teach how to teach in his classes daily, and the weak is not allowed to bring a friend to the university even for applying, this is disrespectful!

When the powerful is allowed to leave the university for weeks, and the weak is not permitted for one week go to the USA with reasons, this is disrespectful!

When the powerful is teaching the class, and the weak is asked to leave when he has a question, which does not fit to the powerful’s mood, this is disrespectful!

When the powerful is discriminating among the students, and the weak is asking “WHY”, he should shut up, this is disrespectful!

When the powerful gets more than $3000 per a month for sitting in an office, and the weak has to pay more than $ 5000, this is disrespectful!

When a teacher calls a “He” student “She,” and the powerful does not say anything, this is disrespectful!
When a teacher uses bad words, and the powerful keeps silent, this is disrespectful!!

When I am afraid that I am in danger because of writing this, and the powerful is so strong, this is disrespectful!

I am not disrespectful my friend, disrespecting is here so near to me that I can touch!!!!!!!!

(I know that powerful and weak are adjectives, thanks)

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20 Comments: on "So Respectful!!"

Anonymous said...

May I have sentences starting with when. Its a bout Mr. P. You all know him.

When Mr. P is taking a girl( AUIS Student) out for a night and ( )and AUIS protect him from the rage of her family, this is realy distespectful. Cool, Thanks. You are the source realy the leaders.

Anonymous said...

i think that you are not weak but you make yourself weak by no saying the reality, however, you should have enough evidence in order to prove your argument. but remember you should say the truth in way that is very academic and formal. in my opinion, if someone hides injustice, he or she is guilty because we all suffer from the injustice. again well done, but be brave enough to speak out. forever free speech.

Anonymous said...

You are so cool guys and so 'respectful' because you are foreigners, but we are disrespectful because we are from the Middle East. Please, do not teach us respect from what you have been taught because we have the good one, and we do not want to change that. We are famous of being respectful among people, no doubt. No more saying disrespectful because we are not. NO more....

Anonymous said...

Too many times, people try to "improve" the truth with lies and gossip but they are wrong to do so. That's why real evidence should be needed.

Anonymous said...

I think it is crazy that he is a leader at AUIS!!! No wonder we have too much Core, not enough Business Administration, not enough International Studies . . . He is obsessed with his own opinion of how our university should be run and does not listen to students or anybody else! Student do want a big core. He should listen more. I think as long as Darcy is powerful at AUIS, students will be unhappy and new students will not join the University!

Anonymous said...

Great job kaka Karwan !

For the Anonymous who talks about Mr. P.
I recommend you to ask God forgive you for what you've just said !!!
You are defiantly a Muslim and sort of religious and I somehow know who you are. You need to know that when you do not have enough and exact evidence to prove something, speaking and making a judgement is, except being a lie to tell, also taboo called "Bukhtan".

Anonymous said...

as a student in this university, I feel like I am ridiculed because some of the teachers are so disrespectful towards students,,,, And, body you should should have mentioned that in your article.
This guy says "you think you are the leader of the university and you want your way to run this university. Also you don't listen to students and yu should listen more in CORES." I find this so I mean very very disrespectful because Karwan does listen to students and listen to all the opinions others have. He thinks, instead of leader,as servant of the other students.
Well done Karwan,, and thank you for fighting for our own rights.

Anonymous said...

Well done Kak Karwan,

When a teacher stacks on one assignment for the one semester, and the university renews the person’s contact, this is disrespectful!
When a teacher buys things in Zara, market, and the university pays for the receipts, this is disrespectful!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Leah Maccually,

Karwan is not disrespectful, but you are disrespectful when you called him disrespectful; we are all with you Karwan.

Anonymous said...

Disrespectful is not the one who talks about reality and asks for his rights. Disrespectful is the one who do not care about the life of poor students. Disrespectful is the one who lives in pak city with full of services, but donot care about her students who live in a building that looks like a prison, cold and far from everything. Disrespectful is the one who is asking students to pay 70$ per month for a prison, while she lives in pak city for free. I dont understand by which rule you are asking us to pay 70$ per month?
Do you beleive is that everything that we are weak and you are powerful? Dont you think that without having us you are nothing? Dont you think the money you get is because of having us? Now, you answer yourself; who is crossing boarder? we or you? We want you be sure that we are not going to pay that amount of money and that will be our last time to speak about it with you.
Finally, I want to tell you that why dont you come up with changing the name of the uni and let me suuggest a perfect name, which is THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY FOR RICH PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...

Great job kak Karwan.
I dont know who called disrespectful.
there are some people at AUIS sitting in their office just sending emails to the students, and they are paid a lot of money. they send four or five emails in a day but two emails are corrects of the other emails. that is all they do and EARN a lot of money here, and everyone says "look they came from a very far country and serve here our country." AUIS has been spending lots of money on useless things, but it does not agree to reduce the amount of money that dorm students have pay for the following semester.

Anonymous said...

All American universities in the Middle East are for rich people. You were stupid to think you could be a part of that group. If you can't afford it, go somewhere else. You should see the costs involved in an education at AUC. The absolute cheapest dorm option is $1500 USD PER SEMESTER with four people per room. If you only want to pay $70 per month there, you'll live in a box in a field with rats and dogs.

Anonymous said...

Why cant we be a part of that group? did they come from a different world? can you tell me where did you get that money?let me be more respectful with you and suggest another name which is THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY FOR THEIVES because you are all theives, not rich. Rich people never want to differentiate themselves with the poor people. But, you are not rich, you are theives. You got a lot of money in a short time by stealing people's moneym and now you believe that god created you differently.
I would like you to write your name in order to recognize you, and know who you are that tell people STUPID. right down your name and I will speak to you, ok?

Anonymous said...

but, really you are so disrespectful being that he is disrespectul and even though they said something that somebody else said and they are all paid too much and well, that is really disrespectful, don't you think?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

The biggest mistake that I have ever made was when I joined this university. Some people say then why don’t you leave this auis, I wish I had another option and left this university as soon as possible. But after what, after spending a half of my life in this university? I would never ever ever ever ever recommend AUIS to someone. I would never let them join a place of arrogant riches and corrupt, useless people in charge!

Anonymous said...

I hate it here so much. everyone is so disrespectful and all the rich people and arrogant administrators it is so unfair and why am i still here I don't know but someone told me that this is a really evil place and they don't even respect the Prophet's birthday and then they take off for 23 days? this is so dispectful and I really disrespect them for being so disrectful and someone told me that the president makes a million dollars a month while we live in filth and starvation and you know I have two exams tomorrow why don't they do something about this? this is really disrespectful.

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