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Feb 20, 2012

From the Student Eye to the AUIS Students

As we are approaching to the spring semester, we appreciatively congratulate all of the efforts you, students, have put to achieve your accomplishments throughout your study AUIS hitherto.

We also congratulate the new academic students, and we encourage those who did not have the chance of passing last semester to maintain working to get the goal of being academic students next semester.

In addition, we intend to insure you that we will maintain to illustrate the truths and fight for your rights.

Above all, we respectfully ask the AUIS administration to rethink of the students’ issues and provide the students with the best serves.

With starting the new semester, we will start our activities in a new and effective way.  

Your voice is engraved in our hearts,
Student Eye

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3 Comments: on "From the Student Eye to the AUIS Students"

Anonymous said...

your activities will be taken into account respectfully.

Anonymous said...

Ah, when the protesting starts? I forgot the date. Should we close just the stairs and the elevators?

Islamic and political View said...

we are waiting for your helpful and effective articles.

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