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Sep 9, 2013

Silence Did not Work-out, So let's get back to Action!!

We are really glad to be back to 
school with you all again, and we 
would love to congratulate you for
 the New Year of school. 

As it’s clear that we worked so
 hard, as the Student Eye, team
 -in the past- to make 
AUIS a better place and 
we criticized exceedingly.

Although we were called trouble-makers and were competed by "some," we still did what we were supposed to do.   

Then we took a break and push back as a spring for awhile to see how things would be, but it is time to come back because big changes are yet to come. 

So for that very reason, we would love to happily announce that we, the Student Eye, team members are on the road of coming back to the stage with a new cast of writers, and we would be more than happy if there is anyone ready to give help even anonymously.

For further information contact the following email address:

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