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Mar 12, 2013

We need an Anti-Terror Club!

By: Bahman A. Hassan
It is becoming fashionable; anyone with a bite of wit will establish a club at AUIS. I don’t know why, but it looks as if being fun. I don’t have to remind you. You are most likely a member of a club or two at AUIS. So, take this post easy and see through the point.

 As most of you know recently AUIS was on the news. It was not for good, as usual. The story was that a guy - as student at the American University of Irqi Sulaimani- was captured. To make the story short and less effective, he was responsible of conducting 13 terrorist attacks, and his last one was in Kirkuk in which a couple hundred people were killed and wounded.

This was not news at the AUIS, at all.  When I asked for clarification, I was given some rubbish and no persuading information. They simply said, the “guy was not a student at AUIS and he was at AUIS for a short time”. Okay, understandable…

Things were buried quickly and the university didn’t say a word about the “LUCKY TERORIST”, whom no one wanted to say a word about him. Like it or not, AUIS was involved in the game. Think about this for a moment. It might mean something to some people otherwise you wouldn’t have seen police vehicles waiting at the university gate. Don’t you think that AUIS is targeted? I am just wondering. Why not, as long as there are some “red-checked blond Americans” and Iraqi Future Leaders. THIS IS ONMLY MY SPECULATION.

   I guess I have to suggest something- Ironically- to rescue some “Future Leaders”. I would love to suggest establishing an Anti-Terror Club.

No problem whom from the staff will become its adviser, but it is to be established. Ironically, my suggestion is because of two reasons. One, we will de-terrorize the AUIS society. Secondly we learn and help “Future Leaders” equipped with necessary anti- terror tactics.


How does it sound?   

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