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Jan 23, 2012

AUIS Students Go On A Strike

While the temperature was freezing, AUIS dorm students spent half of their nigh outside, in front their dorm gate.  
Last night, because of not having electricity the dorm students gathered in front of Raparin dorms. Students were gathering around a fire that they built on the street in front of the dorms.
Lacking services, electricity in particular, has been a problem for the AUIS students. Students have voiced their problems many times, yet none of them are fixed.
Dispute of not being listened to, students were insulted by the university representative who attended the gathering. Dr. Aso, whose real task is not defined at AUIS, was the universities delegate to speak to the students.
He couldn’t calm the students down, and instead he insulted them and threatened them with not letting them to inter the dorms.
The students’ response was strict, yet the university has not apologized formally for its delegate’s insults and threats. Still the students are suffering and their problems are not addressed.

Photos By: Damga


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1 Comments: on "AUIS Students Go On A Strike"

Anonymous said...

I was one of the students at that night, it was one of the worst night. I even got sick on that night that I missed some of my classes unfortunately.

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