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Jan 29, 2012

Fun with AUIS: A Conversation between an AUIS Student and Mam Khdir!

              -Salamw A’laik, Mam Khdir!
+Wa Salamw A’laik my son; by the way, are you still a student at the small cabins near Qalawa?
-Yes, but now we are in the new “building”; the one which is the best in the Middle East.
-Oh Mam Khdir, did your son graduate from high school?
+ Yes my son, why are you asking this?
       -Mam Khdir. Honestly, I want you send your son to AUIS because it is the best university ever!
+Hm, how can I know this, my son?
      -Well, there are so many beautiful girls whose grades are above the average, do not get me wrong because they are smart enough to get these grades. The teachers are not giving them randomly.
 - And the books are for free. 
- Oh about the dorms, The dormitory is amazing; there is electricity 24 hours a day, and one has to pay a LITTLE amount of money, which is only $ 70– 90  per a month.
- In addition, there is the most wonderful cafeteria ever in the university.
- The students are too smart; they never think about cheating. Naturally, they HATE cheating, and your son, after graduating from AUI,S, will unspeakably be the prime minster, an Iraqi future ambassador, or at least an MP, which is better than having nothing to do!
+Oh beautiful girls! What if I apply it?
        -No, you cannot, unfortunately, but your son can apply it.
+ But you said “MP”, what does it mean?
-MP means a member of the parliament
+ Hmmm, great, but, can my son study at AUIS for free?
-Well, if you know the boss, then he can study for free!
+ Who is the boss?
-The boss is a politician, or a businessman.
+NO, I know none of them. What is the next solution?
-Ok then money is not a problem, AUIS is tolerant about money. For example, if someone cannot pay money, then they will KINDLY find a sponsor for him.
Or, if there is a smart one, he will be sponsored too.
Or, MONEY is not a problem, as you can see the advertisement for the university in the Kurdish satellites!!
+Ok I got you my son, but can you please tell me why you are doing this? It is like you are getting something for it because you are insisting on it a lot!
-Come-on Mam Khdir, it is not too much, but I have been told that 1. For every friend that is accepted to AUIS – your friend that submits a completed application and passes the English Assessment Exam – you will receive a 10,000-dinar AsiaCell card AND a $10 movie pass to City Cinema!

2. For every two friends enrolled in AUIS – they meet Admissions requirements, pass the English Assessment Exam, and begin classes at AUIS in spring 2012 – you will receive a FREE TEXTBOOK next semester."
Isn’t it awesome?
-I have to go because I have another client to meet. BYE NOW.
-  BUT remember, the good news is your son can do the same business once he starts studying at AUIS. BYE.   

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3 Comments: on "Fun with AUIS: A Conversation between an AUIS Student and Mam Khdir!"

Anonymous said...

It is one of the best articles, I have seen..... funny, and meaningful.... I am coming to study at AUI-S, but who gets the reward because I attend to AUI-S.....

Anonymous said...

Really funny!! "The best university in the Middle East" is awarding eats members of parliament with a 10,000 balance charging card for Asia cell, but what about those who have A Korek Telecom sim card? I wonder what is the next wise step from the university? Oh AUIS, how much I love you!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine that how dare the university to come with such decisions, and I thought that administrators are smart enough reject this idea before it is announced, but.....
Plus, it is better to take some other steps rather than giving Asia Cell cards!!!!!!!!!

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