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Sep 18, 2010

Simple and Straight: 3 Bonus Points

by Shalaw Fatah
I’ve heard much about (but not given) bonus points or grades, but it’s usually given and not taken. Here we have a different situation, at first we came to AUI-S, our minimum was 2.7, and now it’s being raised to 3.0, an additional, or you can call it bonus points on. This bonus is too serious because of some students are under scholarship and they should have 3.0 every semester to be there, and they were told they need only 2.7 to be under funded.

Why and how this bonus points came in? I don’t know, and I haven’t been warned ever. But I know were this grade being raised in another university in Iraq, the chances are AUI-S would be criticizing it and calling it another wonder of Iraqi educational system, with a cynic connotation of course.
Not just the educational system, but the whole system of the west is based on what some day called a contract, that can be call it constitution, law or cod today. That’s why some extremists in US (like Pastor Jones) said they offend our constitution; we offend their Quran in return. Now we can ask; why this contract is being violated without feeling uneasy? Couldn’t they tell us at least?  
I’m not talking about the positivity or negativity, and the decision might be positive of course, since students are encouraged to study harder, or gain more knowledge somehow. But the other side of the issue, it’s somehow demeaning some basic values which I already mentioned. They should have told us about this possibility when we first came to AUI-S, or at least, when they were going to do it. It’s never late to begin anyway
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2 Comments: on "Simple and Straight: 3 Bonus Points"

Unknown said...

Salman Ahmed...
The minimum GPA is still 2.7 for those students who were awarded scholarships in 2007-2008, but it is 3.0 for others.

Anonymous said...

Salman is right. Thanks

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