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Sep 18, 2010

Student Voice starts "We Will Not Pay a Penny" Campaign

Some AUI-S students started a campaign under the new fees imposed by the AUI-S administration under the title of "We Will not Pay a Penny". Student Voice is sponsering this campaign which is designed to increase its acitivities in the beginning of the new semester on October 10, 2010.

The campaign will work through a sister-blog  http://www.zeropenny.blogspot.com/ .

Here is the campaign's first announcement:

We, as a group of American University of Iraq-Sulaimani students, announce "We will not pay a penny" campaign against AUI-S's decision to ask another $400 from the students.
Mnay of us came to this university being promised to get a full scholarship, and many others are already paying thousands of dollars to the administration. But AUI-S is not satsfied and asks for more money!
$400 might be an irrelevant number for some and small for some others, but it is an unfair amount of money for us. Thus, we will not pay a penny.
American University should understand that taking more money from the poor and low income students has never been a solution to the financial problems. There are many other way in which the university can increase its budget and AUI-S knows those ways very well.
We ask our fellow students to participate in the campaign and show their disagreement to the decision by giving zero penny to the finances department.
The more students join the campaign, the stronger our will becomes...

We will not pay a penny campaign
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1 Comments: on "Student Voice starts "We Will Not Pay a Penny" Campaign"

Anonymous said...

I undoubtably support your activities, well done. And I promise I would be with you any time to get a possitive answer from AUI-S.
well done.

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