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Oct 1, 2010

The illusion and the theory of the cement walls

by Bahman Abdulrahman 

Almost certainly, all engineering students would count the AUI-S campus project as a fragmentary conjecture of the 21st century. It’s, perhaps, a new theory in the field of architecture, in which some five story buildings take years to be erected. Some imperative, but not all, barriers I’m aware of, yet the devoured time reject any pretext.

The illustration of the illusion.

Wide mileages of green area, nicer check points, co-residence halls, erogenous amphitheaters where students feel cement roofs over their heads, huge reading rooms, canteen, and glass-covered relaxing management offices. This all, you may agree with me that will take time to construct, but, sarcastically, wouldn’t have been enhancing to have none of them. Or, further logically, if we did start the project on a smaller scale, it undeniably could have a far better off outcome.

A visit to the illusion site.

                                                                                              Sardonically, all previous thought illusions didn’t have a substantial location or shape. Since this one has one, it’s a laughingstock.

“Dear All,[...] Would like to do a new campus visit for all students, faculty and staff this Thursday at 4:00 pm. We will provide transportation for students who need it from AUI-S to the new campus, the buses will be waiting at the student parking area.”
The provost, the office of students affairs, or people in charge, at times, send nice E-mails inviting students to visit the illusionary university grounds, where the promise of visualizing is renewed.

The illusion needs cash.  

Hardly one can disapprove the fact that such powered illusions require more than one investor. I’ve studied math only one year, so absolve me for not knowing the exact figures and the proper way of telling you. I presume you would agree, it would have been, again, easier to have the illusion in a smaller shape, wouldn’t you? More dryly, the ways that the illusionists gamble to attract depositors prove an obvious failure; wouldn’t you be of the same mind? After nearly more than four years, the prestidigitators fall short to attract financier and finalize or visualize their fantasy. What are some more practical methods to impress shareholders? You must know some, tell us.

The illusion needs spectators.   
Set other faults aside, concentrate on the illusion. Students impatiently visit the site and stupidly praise the subtle achievements. In a very student prospective, the illusion, if finished, will be flawless. It would be the one and the only visualized illusion with a greater space for students. While it seems worthy to mention, couples will have more legroom to have their first kisses. It will also give the students more chance to spend more time around the campus and students in residence halls might have more services, but might be more expensive in price. Meanwhile, it’s really merit to state, that once the campus is finished, the capacity of the university become more than tripled. Then the university can repay investors and even attract more, and through registering more students the university would overcome financial hurdles. Finally, I would like to add one more question to the list: however, liberals would never like to hear. Whereas the project with no hesitation could be fueled more effectively, why it doesn’t? 

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1 Comments: on "The illusion and the theory of the cement walls"

Louise Jaff said...

I have heard a further theory about the ever so complicated concrete walls of the new American University: the US military is building a secret army base in the foundations. I heard that from a local living near the site. Needless to say that a theory like that also requires a lot of 'illusion' and imagination to stand.

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