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Sep 17, 2010

We and Criticism

By Bahman Abdulrahman Hasan 

Plato (427 BC 348BC) prominent Greek philosopher and mathematician, wrote "The unexamined life is not worth living." (Apology 38a) He, Plato, argues all man life should be examined. In other words our live are just a pure constant criticism process. Criticism is the only method of evaluating happenings. “Life” in Plato’s perspective is all that shared and matters for man. Today, most, if not all, academic institutions give a huge account to criticism and they may want to add values of criticism to the characteristic of their graduates. Perhaps, it’s up to students to bone up, if whither, criticism is inherited or nurtured, but it’s entirely an important trait.

University, as an important educational institute, can become pioneer in this field. Universities teach a wide range of topics, as we can find this in the definition of university, “A university is an institution of higher education and research, which grants academic degrees in a variety of subjects.” Many of these subjects need critical and sharp minds. Hence, if, criticism was the method of developing many sciences, without it we could not reach this level of understanding. It will maintain its precious position. This conception is true for all fields, and all critique quests start with reviewing previous feats. Constant critiques, for instance, provide us the base to argue that our planet outlined 4.54 billion years ago, and, it also give us enough guidance to discuss more communal, economical and political matters. And, additionally, student, as a valuable entity in the critique process, play enormous role. Students of today are critical thinkers of today and future critical scholars. Therefore, although, many underrate the role of students, adventurous students as well as universities can light the torch for further marches.

In this part of the world, it’s utterly opposite. We, to a great extend, are not familiar with benefits of criticism or perhaps because we don’t know much about criticism. Moreover, though many may argue we don’t have any base for criticism; we look forward to building a solid base for wide and infinitive revolution in this turf. What we have learned from our past weak efforts, regarding criticism, was a lethal, destructive, and derogatory language far from factual meanings of criticism. More than ever, now, we need to be perceive critical thinkers. Our lives encounter waves of quick and dramatic changes, so we cannot sit idle. Our modern world brought us many gifts (advanced technology innovations, social and political upheavals, economical developments, and scientific achievements) that we need, but how? We have to examine them, as many of these may not fit us in their present shape. Easterners, Iraqis and including Kurdish community don’t approve most of the changes and regard them as infidel messiahs.                                               
We would be better of starting our critical revolt on both, micro-level, which must start with criticizing or reevaluating our local happenings and our past accomplishments, and on a macro-level we have to contribute the shaping of our era. Due to lacking “reason” we have lost many precious feats, and yet many is about missing. We need many things that we couldn’t attain because of wrong evaluations, not knowing their values or more precisely the absence of critical minds. We have to spark a revolution, but who will light the torch? You or I? Or you, I and they? I prefer the three of us as no one is out of this circle. We need a lot of both time and effort.
Now, Iraq has more than 29 universities and colleges, but deplorably still we have no trace of criticism in an academic fashion. The restricted and fearful past cannot be excuses for today’s unsatisfactory circumstance. I cannot make a link between our unreasonable present actions and my nation’s regretful history. This process could grow even in prisons, but I have no doubt that it can flourish in freedom more swiftly.
How shall we start? We have nothing, in this regard, we want a salmon promise and ever presence. Are you ready as I am? We have to all take part in this rally. No one will loss as much as he wins. Let’s have this revolution springing out from university campuses, as they facilitate most through their services. Consequently, if until now, you blamed your political condition and linked your lack of criticism with your nation’s homelessness, it’s time to change your mind. However, the way is paved with debacles, it’s lucrative, and we ought to step up. Let’s share in composing an era in which everyone is criticizing for the sake of all good and brighter future.  

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1 Comments: on "We and Criticism"

Student Voice said...

Kak Bahman, it takes a long time to teach the nation what a criticism means. People here (or other parts of the world) can't defferentiate between the issues or the other things. The problem is we don't have believable institutes, media, or activists, so we don't have reliable information about the issues. People mix everything together. They blame everyone but not themselves, so they keep being wrong forever. If I criticize a political party here, I will be considered as an enemy of the nation. If I criticize my university, I will be considered as the enemy of the university. No, NO, and thousands times NO, we need to change that perception!

How can we change it?

The Kurds, Arabs, or all the MID-East peoples say whatever they want, but they don't do whatever it requires. This is why we are not improved. If our politicians kept the half of thier promises, we woudn't have such a problem now. This is not just about the politics, but it is about all of the aspects of ourlives here in the Middle East. My point is we need to do something instead of saying everything, practice something instead of promising everything, and so on.
Let us start at our university. Having different lectures about criticism at the university is a good idea. Why don't we do that? If we can do that, so we will be able to do something else next. Then God will help us to spread our words in the city, region, and the country.
That is easy to say, but it needs some powers to do.
Hope ti hear your response!

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