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Sep 2, 2010

The 20 Full Scholarships ... U.S. Embassy: It is for the non-Kurdish students .... AUI-S: It is for Students from Outside Kurdistan Region

Student Voice found a big difference between the United States embassy in Baghdad and American University of Iraq-Sulaimani regarding naming the 20 full scholarships granted by the US embassy.

 The US embassy, which is the owner of the grant, says that the scholarships is for the non-Kurdish students.
"While the university welcomes all qualified students, regardless of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, political affiliation or financial status, its student body is predominantly Kurdish," said the statement released by the US embassy in Baghdad.
On the other side, AUI-S says that the scholarships are for "Iraqi students from provinces outside the Kurdistan Region of Iraq" which is quite different from the statement of the US embassy.
US embassy's statement also points out that "
U.S. embassy funds the scholarships and its clear from the statement that it is for the non-Kurdish students.
AUI-S defines itself to be "private non-profit university offering a comprehensive American-style liberal arts education to all qualified students regardless of their affiliation or origin."
The statement issued by the U.S. embassy puts the integrity of the claim above under question.

Look up the links and see the big difference by yourself:
U.S. embassy's press release: http://iraq.usembassy.gov/pr-01272010.html 

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8 Comments: on "The 20 Full Scholarships ... U.S. Embassy: It is for the non-Kurdish students .... AUI-S: It is for Students from Outside Kurdistan Region"

Anonymous said...

Devoting scholarships specifically to an ethnic group and excluding others by an embassy that represents the America is contrary with the claims of spreading democracy in the region. Kurds outside Kurdistan have been going through the same situation as other people in the provinces outside Kurdistan. Kurds in the middle provinces don’t deserve the deprivation from this life time opportunity.

Pola Kamal said...

Accepting students based on their ethnicity does not exist in AUI-S’s mind and it is out of question among students. it looks like for the sake of diversity affirmative action raises its ugly head.

Bahman said...

I like your style pola its erotic, sensual, stimulating, suggestive, amatory, erogenous. And its moral, principled, decent, proper, fitting, virtuous, just, honorable, upright, fair but definetly not LOGICAL AND REALISTIC.

Anonymous said...

This announcement is obviousely contrary with the American claim: democracy, no differences between ethnic groups, language and v.v. Reading this article, I got a to make question: Does Mr. Hill receive some benifit-BRIBE- from some racist Arab politicians or is this the new policy that U.S government-embassy- performs to make rival amang Arabs and Kurds???

Anonymous said...

Oh God. Isn't it a kind of SEGRIGATION? I expect nothing good from American to Kurdish, NOTHING, NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

HHHHHHHh... Mr. U.S embassy, Krdish have their own share of the oil that you steal from Iraq continually. there is no a young American who doen't have his/ her own car! could you tell me where the oil comes from for your kids? Of course most of them is from Iraq, and beloved Kurdistan, so are 10 scholerships too much for the Kurdish students while most of your young people spend time only by vacations and quit the universities??? You lost your country{inside}; try to treat us equally to not lost outside!!!!!!!!!!!!

Student Eye said...

Dear Students $ readers!
We, as Student Voice blog, beleieve in freedom of speech without any censoring, but we do not publish any comment that includes direct insults, swear words, and signs of hatred speech. We appreciate your support and follow to our blog, but we want you to abide by this rule while writing comments.
It is always better to have your real name on your comments, unless there is serious reason not to do so.
Happy readings with Student Voice

Anonymous said...

oh guyzzzzz you are really uneducated people, if you think in this way...
you guyz just make comments without understanding the topics.
you gyuz love to say anything that does not belong to the topics...
guuuuyz you need to understand before you comment on the topics...your minds need to change....

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