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Sep 6, 2010

Student Voice Poll: AUI-S Students Divided on Liberal Arts Education Merits

The Student Voice Poll

According to the results of the Student Voice poll, which continued for a week and closed today , AUI-S students are sharply divided on the pros and cons of AUI-S's being a liberal arts university.
 The question of the poll was, "Is AUI-S's being a liberal arts university a good thing?". 35 people answered the question. While 17 of them said yes, another 17 said no, and only one person didn't know what to decide.
The results show a serious division between the students on the liberal arts nature of their university.
American University of Iraq-Sulaimani is the only accredited liberal arts university in Iraq.
There are many people who express their doubts regarding the success of the liberal arts model of education brought by AUI-S.
Student Voice blog will continue conducting such polls to know the opinion of the AUI-S students on the various topics and issues.

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