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Aug 28, 2010

In Praise of Liberal Arts Education...

By Danar Rashid

We, humans, are adapted to criticize others while we are drawn in our errors. Blaming the others is the best way to hide our dormancy and to fulfill the excuses. However, this is not an attack to criticism and freedom of speech, but a compliment for a better us.
An issue that is mostly discussed among the AUI-S students and the new applicants is the future of AUI-S students after graduation. They are concerned about their jobs in the future; an IT graduate will be a technician, but what about the graduates of international studies and business administration?

As an old trend in the universities of Iraq, the majority of students prefer engineering and medicine. The parents encourage their children to be in one of the two. Graduates of the two fields are overflowing. Here, the background idea might be a doctor will make more money and it is honor for the family if one is a doctor.

Surprisingly, lately I’ve heard from KRG that they promised the college of medicine in Suly University to find job for their graduates. It’s neither the job of university nor the job of the government to provide work vacancies for post-graduates. This might not be seen in any corner of the globe. So, we are parasites which suck the blood of the country for our self-benefit without any consideration for thousands who are waiting for a messiah not to save their souls but to give them some drinking water.

Here, I don’t want to devalue the role of doctors in society. But, it is obvious that we have thousands of doctors but we still suffer with chronic social, political and economical diseases. This is probably due to the political instability and the inadequate educational system in Iraq. Meanwhile, this model of education influenced the route of political system, and stranded the process of democracy in Iraq.

Therefore, we don’t need doctors to treat each of Iraqi citizens, but we need to heal the wounded body of Iraq. Iraq is in necessity of technical experts, diplomats and economists. The end of the mission is to make changes in the minds of the individuals and get rid of traditional thinking. The idea of consumerism should be totally eliminated in the liberal minds of AUI-S students.

Opportunely, AUI-S is the first institution which all Iraqi people look forward to the blossoms of the tree planted by devoted gardeners in Iraq and US and it’s too early for AUI-S students to evaluate their role in the society. Far from exaggeration, it is predicted from the graduates of AUI-S to become pioneers and mid-wives to rescue the mother homeland. This is our responsibility and we have to pay off the debt to Iraq. Let’s make a feedback for ourselves. It’s better to change ourselves before trying to change the world.

*Danar Rashid is an International Studies and Political Science Sophomore at the American Univeristy of Iraq-Sulaimani.
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5 Comments: on "In Praise of Liberal Arts Education..."

Pola Kamal said...

I have noticed something unexpectable among AUI-S students which is their over-concern with their future careers. it is their right to worry about thier future but not too much to keep themselves away from being good students. one thing that AUI-S students need to know is that they will not be the government's employees. so today is the time to work hard to prepare yourself for private sectores where finding jobs is based on competency, skills, and qualification rather on university's certification.

Anonymous said...

Becareful! Where did you get this picture, please?
Why did you put it here??????
Send a comment and say Sorrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy!
If not,.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Danar Rashid said...

Exactly Pola, that is an old-fashioned idea in our society. New minds for a new generation.I have a fear of exagerration, but this is a comparative reality that can't be seen by every student.

Danar Rashid said...

thank you Mr.Anonymous for your insult.I wonder what will happen after if not,......!!!! the first photo is apersonal photo and every body has the right to publish his\her photo.and about the second photo,it's from the editor and I see no problem to publish a photo of a place where we spend most of our times like our homes. I wana inform u that this is an independent blog based on absolute freedom of speech of AUI-S students with no censor.

Anonymous said...

I saw this picture in a website , and I think it was taken by an American photographer. If not....... I ment, I will bring(publish) his name to you. I think it's not good to plagiarize on behalf FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!!!

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