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Mar 31, 2011

Today in Photos

Demonestrators welcome AUI-S students warmly as an inseparable part of Azadi Square.
Rand Khalifa took the stage to show AUI-S students' support for the demonstrators.  

 Dana Jaf gave AUI-S students' speech saying, "We are here for life, for liberty and for the pursuit of happiness." 

" Here is where real politics is practiced. Here different voices and ideas are heard, yet everyone is welcomed and respected."
“I can’t even describe this in words. It was the first time that I experienced freedom and liberty.”
Ramyar Muhammed.
“No Dictators” An AUI-S student was chanting in the middle of her friends, while Havin Osman; however, was showing her affiliation with Goran, she said, “It does not mean I am Goran, and I am here today to support the demonstrators regardless of my beliefs.”
Daban Othman was swinging the Kurdistan flag, the thing that lately took the position of  political parties’ banners.
"It is a partiotic and moral duty to support our borthers and sisters here and this is  the purpose of my being here. I am here to  say I am with you and support the demonstrators to the end.”
“We want to be of those who create events, not bystanders; thus, I support any peaceful attempt to meet our demands. It is our time and we have both dreams and energy. Hereafter we pause, think, plan and take appropriate actions.” Bahman Abdulrahman.

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the photoes are not good.

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Afan's spelling is not good.

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