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Apr 1, 2011

AUI-S Faculty in Numbers: Surprsing Facts about Our Teachers

According to a research conducted by a special team of Student Eye only 4 faculty members out of 55 have a degree from one of America's top 10 universities. The research also showed that 9 faculty members are without a PhD and teaching at the Academic program. The research points out to the fact that 13 teachers in the EWPLI program don't hold a masters or PhD degree.

Here is a detailed result of the conducted research:

No. of AUI-S faculty

Academic degree:


From top 10 U.S. universities
From top 50 U.S. universities

No. of teachers
Teachers with masters degree
Teachers with PhD
teachers with no degrees
American teachers
British teachers
From top10 U.S. universities


From top50 U.S. universities


Academic program:
No. of professors
Professors with masters degree
Professors with PhD
American professors

Canadian professors
From top10 universities
From top50 universities

AUI-S provost
Masters, PhD, German university

AUI-S dean
Masters, PhD, American University

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39 Comments: on "AUI-S Faculty in Numbers: Surprsing Facts about Our Teachers"

Anonymous said...

good job peope. keep us updated.

Anonymous said...

good job! another thing you should look at is the degree: are they real or fake?

Anonymous said...

42 Masters. 25 Phds. 55 Total?

Anonymous said...

math is so hard.

Anonymous said...

for the dumb anonymous

the 25 phds have masters also
42 masters includes the phds as well

Anonymous said...

Who cares? as long as they educate us in the best way, why would we care about their backgrouds!

Anonymous said...

P.S they are from the US not Iraq, theres no such thing as "FAKE:

Anonymous said...

VERY good job guys. you are really doing your jobs as what it's called "Student Eye" What I have to say is to tell you good eye ! And, let this be informing anybody who thinks if we are Iraqi, we must be dumb and get fooled easily !! If you think like that, you are wrong ! From now on, bring professionals. We are not paying such big amount of money for ordinary teachers but for professionals !

Thank you guys.

Anonymous said...

If those who are not holding masters degree were in their countries, they would drink beer and watch Oprah.

Anonymous said...

Source of information please?

Anonymous said...

It would have been nice if the "special team" had signed their names to their report...a report with multiple and significant problems.

I will address only one of them here, but it is one that people making a serious report would have addressed themselves.

Where does one find this list of "top 10" and "top 50" U.S. Universities? Does the list take individual departments into account? Unlike undergraduate studies, graduate work in the U.S. is done within the confines of a single department, not within a larger university. As far as I know there is no single source of rankings for graduate programs for all of the various disciplines, so where is the Student Eye getting its information?

The "top 10" graduate programs in political science, my discipline, would look nothing like the "top 10" in English, which would differ significantly again from a similar list of history, art, and math programs.

So what are you measuring, and by what standard?

As is so often the case, you do not say.

Where are your journalistic standards?

It is not enough to be hyperbolic and accusatory. You have to get your facts right, and you have to offer your readers enough context to understand the point you are trying to make. You do neither.

James R. Harrigan
Dean of Students

Anonymous said...

Number of bad journalists with no degree smacked down by the dean: 1

عشتار العراقية said...

Come on, Mr. James R. Harrigan. Your own ex-president GWB invaded and occupied Iraq with "hyperbolic and accusatory" stories. He had never told where he was getting his information.

Anonymous said...

wait a minute !
you all forgot about those kurdish teachers they brought to AUI-S,hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
i beleive i have been told that all the teachers must be native-speakers,,, hhhhhhhhhhhh its really funny,,, hhhhhhhhhh they dont want to pay money to a native-speaker cause a kurdish tacher causes them less money,,hhhh again, its all about money,,,, i have an old math teacher who really really really FORGET what he had done or said 2 MINUTES earlier, his memory is terible,,,he made 6 mistakes on the bord in class.,,,so my point is, if it is not about money, WHY would they bring a person whose memory is TOTALY LOST,, for God sake,, students are not fools. we pay you THE MONEY YOU LIKE, SO AT LEAST PROVIDE A TEACHER WHO CAN REMEMBER OR BEWARE OF WHAT HE IS DOING,,, this is a serious problem.

Mark G said...

Poor Harrigan. He's upset because you've touched a nerve: before moving to Iraq, Harrigan taught at Saint Vincent College - ranked #152 among small liberal arts colleges in America. Remember, that category doesn't even count universities. Saint Vincent is #152 in the field of small liberal arts colleges alone. I think there's only 153 of them in total. Source: US News and World Report - http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/saint-vincent-college-3368

Saint Vincent, in case you overlooked the name, is also a deeply religious, Catholic college. Why does AUI-S always insist on bringing Christian missionaries into a Muslim country?

Anonymous said...

So because George Bush made bad accusations we do the same and its okay? Aren't we supposed to be improving our logic and critical thinking?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I think you are trying spread rumors about your Math teacher, but I have to say I'm not sure. Could you repeat that in English?

Anonymous said...

hhhhhhhhh very funny DUMB!! my math teacher is the oldest teacher at AUIS, you can ask the students about him, and im sure you will get the same answer. probably you are (la gwei gaya xawtwi) :)

عشتار العراقية said...

To anonymous- and I wonder why most of the commentators here are anonymous, unless free speech in the AUI is prohibited- who commented on my comment concerning GWB.

Of course we are supposed to be improving our logic and critical thinking, but when the AUI is directed by that same president's men, something must go wrong here.

Anyway, certainly, a journalist who does not tell where he gets his information is less dangerous than a president of WAR.

Anonymous said...

All teachers in an academic program should have phds IN THEIR SUBJECT, NOT TEACHING RANDOMLY!! And all teachers in ewpli should have masters in english or education. is it so hard?

Anonymous said...

"AUI-S is directed by that same president's men?"

Where on earth do you get that nonsense?

"Saint Vincent, in case you overlooked the name, is also a deeply religious, Catholic college. Why does AUI-S always insist on bringing Christian missionaries into a Muslim country?"

Do you have any evidence that i am even a Christian let alone a Christian missionary?

Seriously, where do you people get this stuff? Do you think you can just write whatever you think might be the case without checking your facts?

I am neither President Bush's man, whatever that means, nor am I a Christian missionary. You could have found the answers to either of these questions simply by asking me.

I suggest you do so before racing to very wrong conclusions again. I am pretty sure my email address is readily available. you can also...now here is a crazy thought...ask me when you see me on campus. I like talking to you in the courtyard. Give me an excuse to hang out with you guys a little longer.

James Harrigan
Dean of Students

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the comment that says it is all about moeny. yes it certainly is. And I strongly agree that the Math teacher is far too old to teach. If he was in U.S, he was not allowed to teach, but in AUI-s unfotunately, there is not any rule concerning age. as long as he was a teacher sometimes in the past, he is eligable to teach now, this is what AUI-s thinks, for God's sake , don't you pitty us? we pay money to you and we don't get the education that we need. All my word apply to most of the teachers not only math teacher. if the problem with math teacher is age, the other teachers luck the abilty of how to teach.

عشتار العراقية said...

James, all the information you need is found on the AUI-S website. Just look at the trustees board and you will see the neo-cons and the Iraqi Foundation people who provided Bush with all the mass deception lies, also John Agresto, Bremer's Adviser for high Education. I am still investigating the other names including yours.

Anonymous said...

It is shameful how you are speaking of your Math teacher. Your writing is also clumsy and careless. Perhaps you want to blame your English teacher for this?

Anonymous said...

Does looking up where the dean went to college mean that Mark Grueter is obsessed, or...could this maybe be love?

Anonymous said...


James Pontuso said...

Thanks to AUIS and Its Students

For whatever reason, tow former employees of AUIS have seen fit to attack the University as a whole, its teachers, and students, one of them on this Blog. I have resisted responding to these charges because in one instance at least, I consider the former employee a friend.

However, the continuing attacks by former employees on the worth of AUIS call for a response, if for nothing else than to support my former students.

First a bit about myself: I have taught or lectured in about a dozen countries. I have held two Fulbright teaching grants in the Czech Republic and was John Adams Fellow at the University of London. In the United States I teach at Hampden-Sydney College, a small private liberal arts college, but I have also taught at the University of Virginia and at Hampton University – a predominantly African-American school where my wife earned her nursing degree.

These varied teaching experiences have given me the opportunity to assess a wide variety of institutions, administrations, colleagues, and students.

I taught four classes at AUIS in the spring term of 2010. All together I had about 60 students in my classes.

My experience was quite positive. It seemed to me that the administration was struggling to put procedures into effect, a task always difficult in a start-up organization. But, whatever the drawbacks or strengths of the former administration were, they are currently irrelevant since a new provost and rector have taken over leadership of the University. Neither of the two former employee critics of the University have had any dealing with the new administrators.

The teaching faculty at AUIS is mixed in quality. But this is true of every institution of higher learning – there are really good and really terrible teachers at everywhere, and many more in the middle. Compared to most places with which I am acquainted, AUIS had more dedicated teachers, people fully committed to educating the young people enrolled at the University.

Students at AUIS too were of mixed ability, but what distinguished them from most students I have taught was their eagerness, good humor, personal ambition, and sense of mission in making their country a better place. Most striking was how much Iraqis enjoyed their freedom. The memory of despotism seemed to be still fresh in their minds, and they understood the link between liberal learning, personal autonomy, and dignity. They were well aware of the difficulties they faced in reforming Iraq and in making a good life for themselves, but they took on this task with a great spirit of good will.

So, instead of criticizing AUIS, I would like to thank the University for giving me the opportunity to teach there. Most especially I would like to thank all my former students for providing one of the finest teaching experiences of my life.

James F. Pontuso
Patterson Professor
Hampden-Sydney College
Virginia, USA

Visiting Professor, AUIS

Anonymous said...

عشتار العراقية what's wrong? No courage to investigate your fellow Iraqis? No corruption there. Better to investigate the dean of students at a university. That is truly valuable work. Did you hear about the protests?

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous, i didn't mean to offend the math teacher when I said he was too old to teach. This does not mean that he is not smart but he is getting old and losing his memory gradually. This is a fact, can you deny a fact? Today in class, he made four or five mistakes in solving one simple problem. If he has difficulties solving one single problem, how do you expect me to learn anything from him? With all my respect to you and the math teacher, he is not eligible for teaching anymore.

One more thing I want to say, before you criticize my writing, you should ask yourself why a student of AUI-s would write so badly. Do you want the answer? This is all I have learned in AUI-S, and you taught me to write like this. So before criticizing my writing, criticize yourself.

Mark G said...


You should realize that the new administration recently targeted me (see the letter above in a more recent blog post). That's the only reason why I came back on this blog to respond. Moulakis and Boggia sent a series of emails to Salon.com attempting to attack my character. Yet, they don't even know me. They just took the previous administration's word at face value. Given this, don't you agree that I have every right to respond in kind? At least I challenge them openly. They trash me behind my back.

As I've made clear before, I had no problem with the teachers and students at AUI-S. I had a very good relationship with my students in the spring semester 2009. My problem was and is with the administration.

Best, Mark Grueter

Anonymous said...

I think you just proved that you're a lost cause.

Anonymous said...

How sad that a Dean of Students takes his fight to a "blog". Why don't you engage your students on campus? When was the last time you addressed them?

Anonymous said...

"The research points out to the fact that 13 teachers in the EWPLI program don't hold a masters or PhD degree."

They are language teachers so they already know their topics well. This is not like history or maths which need to be proven to have knowldge in a topic. If they know English, whats important is whether they can teach it or not. there was a teacher with master for teaching english but couldnt teach. I disagree with person who says all people in academic program need phds. They need a degree in their topic yes but a masters degree can prove that. The problem are philosophers teaching math, actors teaching writing, deans teaching history. who cares about the degrees if they dont know the subjects???

Anonymous said...

Which one is lost, the angry exemployee, the more angry student or perhaps you refer to ع,شتار العراقيةMinister of Dean Investigations?


Anonymous said...

the funny thing is that no one admits the fact that is against him !!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Considering that I am the Dean of Students that the courageous, anonymous poster referenced/impugned...

I address the students on our campus every day. I am outside talking to them for most of the day, and inside talking to them the rest of the time. I also talk to them during my classes.

No one has ever been sent away from me; no one has ever asked me to help and not received that help.

You should get your facts before drawing your conclusions.

I am glad to know the students at AUI-S, and I will do everything in my power to make their lives at the institution better.

If you doubt what I say maybe you should ask them.

James R. Harrigan
Dean of Students

Anonymous said...

what this blog is becoming into?? it is full of inaccurate information and personal attacks. As for AUI-S, it is the most transparent university in Iraq, and that is why it has become a punch bag. Everybody attacks it because there is enough information in order to make up an arguement. why nobody talks about other univerities in Iraq?? We all know how corrupted they are?? Does anybody care about the degrees of the teachers in those universites?? People teach with fake degrees!!! they give out fake dgrees to officials!! and this just the tip of an iceberg. Wake up people and start looking at the bigger piture.

Anonymous said...


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