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Mar 28, 2011

AUI-S students join Azadi Square demonstrators

AUI-S students will join Azadi Square demonstrations. A group of students have started a campaign to motivate students to join and show their support to the demonstrators.
However, this may be rejected by the university, students are insisting. After forty days of constant demonstrations, finally AUI-S students have decided to speak up. “This small attempt, however it’s quite late, is to show our support and take a side.” Muhamed Babakr says. Muhammed further criticized student for they supported changes in Egypt but not in Kurdistan. “These are historical moments and we cannot sit and watch. We must support what we believe is the best and good for Kurdistan.” Krekar Warty told Student Eye. Students are preparing for the event enthusiastically and the event is to be held on Thursday, March 31.
Further announcements will be posted on Student Eye.

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1 Comments: on "AUI-S students join Azadi Square demonstrators"

Anonymous said...

AWESOME !!!!!!If we ask any student,what is your major and why you chose it, they all think of this answer which is doing something for your community and country. THIS IS THE PRIME ONE, if you want to do something for your community, country, and the FUTURE. I WISH OF A GOOD ENOUGH STUDENTS. Please, do not worry about your both sponsorships and scholarships.. It won't have any influence on your education. It is your responsibilities. Then we are not going to throw stones, but we are going to tell them American students are with you and stop against corrupters, children killers, and those who have exploited youth. They divide our money among themselves. "AS WE SEE" almost everyday, they treat with us like we are in the lowest level, and the are at the top. These all by OUR money. This maybe not the only case, but the most obvious one. Everything has an end. I promise you if this time we do not stop them, they will last for a very far period that may the next generation blame us. I hope to see everyone ,even those whose their families are a part of the corrupters. DO not be afraid. Do not accept you have everything at all, whereas, at the same level there are many who barley can have one of the meals. Think about it. It is the end. Be the part of this end. remember it is the opportunity for better life.
A faithful member of this community.

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