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Mar 30, 2011

Dana Jaf: Tomorrow by Deeds not Words We Show Our Support for Freedom and Democracy

My Dear Friends,

Tomorrow, at 3:30 pm, We will join the honorable demonstrators at the Liberation Square.

Students should be the pioneers of change and hope. It is our duty as the students of this modern reckon of education to show our support to what we believe. Liberation Square has become a place of gathering for those who seek freedom, justice and happiness.

Standing against corruption should be the first priority of each and everyone of us. Corruption is threatening our future. There is no use of education, no matter how great and liberal it is, if we generated individuals into a corrupt society led by corrupt rulers.

Tomorrow is the opportunity for us to tell all people that we are a part of this country and we are concerned about the future of this country. We will go to the Liberation Square, because it is a shame to be silent while all the nation is chanting for justice and freedom.

We don't need to wait for the future in order to become leaders. We need to take the initiative now.

I also warn anyone who wants to put pressure on our students by threatening them, we will not forgive that. The time of meaningless pressures has gone with no return.

Tomorrow is our time. Tomorrow is ours.

Live Free and Happy

Dana Jaf

Liberal Students Union
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2 Comments: on "Dana Jaf: Tomorrow by Deeds not Words We Show Our Support for Freedom and Democracy"

Anonymous said...

kak dana, what is "Liberal Students Union"????
please answer...

Student Eye said...

Dear all,
After publishing this post by Dana Jaff, students started to ask what Liberal Students Union is. We announce this is a project that Dana and few other students are working on, yet this has nothing to do with the students’ joining the demonstrations. Students will partake in tomorrow’s march to Azadi Square all by their owns and as free peace seekers. However, Liberal Students Union has nothing to do with this gathering of the students, future gatherings or activities may be arranged by the union through a web of representatives. More information will be published as soon as the union is formally announced.
Student Eye Staff.

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