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Nov 12, 2010

Student Eye Reminder: Again, what happened to the AUI-S Advising program?

Nearly two week ago the Student Eye Blog published “Where did the Advising program go” yet, the program has not been announced formally.
 Academic Dean of Students, James Harrign, replayed our claim by writing “Kyle Long and I completed the task of assigning every academic student to a faculty advisor on Thursday- then we will be sending it to professors to get the process rolling.” Yet most students are patiently waiting to meet their advisers.
Student Eye asks, is that the administrations fault or the professors slothfulness?

To read more on the AUI-S Advising Program please followe this link:

Student Eye Team.
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5 Comments: on "Student Eye Reminder: Again, what happened to the AUI-S Advising program?"

Student Eye said...

Dear Readers and Joshua Hill,
We appreciate your comment and we welcome your clarifications. We criticized the university because the university administration failed to announce its advising program on time. This concern rooted from our understanding of the difficulties that students are facing. We strongly believe that advisers will lend a great hand to the students and they will help the university to go on slickly. Again, we appreciate your correction and informing us of the third party of this problem.
Dear Reader,
Here is Mr. Joshua Hill’s complete message:
Just a note that there may yet be a third source of difficulty in getting advising off the ground: competing claims on students' attentions. I have emailed my advisees twice about scheduling a meeting in the last ten days. To date, a little over 2/3 have responded and somewhere around half have met with me. This is not too shabby given busy schedules but less than I would have ideally looked for.
So, make it a triumvirate—administration, faculty, and students are all partially responsible but we're getting there.

Best regards,
Joshua Hill

Anonymous said...

I am really in need for that program.. I need it asap.. Otherwise, something bad happens to me soon..

Unknown said...


I must also report that only three students have responded to my email asking them to come by my office for a visit.


Anonymous said...

I am an academic student and have not gotten any messages from any professor yet. Is the program for all the AUI-S students?

Anonymous said...

"Slothfulness" is a very strong and unfortunate word. Every student has been assigned an advisor, and every student will hear from an advisor soon. It does no one any good to be insulting, here or anywhere.

Indeed, many who have heard from their advisors have done nothing to meet with them.

This program is moving forward appropriately. If any student needs, for whatever reason, to meet with an advisor immediately and does not know who his advisor is, please just email me and I will send that information to you.


James Harrigan
Academic Dean of Students

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