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Oct 30, 2010

Where did the AUI-S Advising Program Go?

Last year, The former Academic Dean of students, Dr. Denise Natali, announced the opening of a mentoring program for the AUI-S students.

The program, as the dean said, was designed to support the students during their university life. The AUI-S students were supposed to get direct counselling from some of the assigned professors.

Some students told Student Voice that they never met or saw their advisors. Some others, who got the chance to meet with their advisors, described the sessions as "useless and boring".

This year, the program has vanished and there is no news of it. While there is no announcement abolishing the program, there is no new information about the advisors.

Students ask AUI-S administration to renew th advising program by bringing it back to life and fixing the mistakes that made it ineffective.
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3 Comments: on "Where did the AUI-S Advising Program Go?"

James R. Harrigan said...

Kyle Long and I completed the task of assigning every academic student to a faculty advisor on Thursday. We will be reviewing that list today in one last check for errors and omissions, then we will be sending it to professors to get the process rolling.

Hope this helps,

James R. Harrigan
Academic Dean of Students

Student Voice said...

Dear Dr. Harrigan,

Thanks for the explanation. We hope to get updates on the issue.

Student Voice Team

Anonymous said...

Whoa, who did the logo? Does it seem to anyone else that there's a big cross in the middle?

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